Perfect Driver For The Slower Swing Speed!

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I review the new Titleist TS1 Driver with a slow swing speed to test it's performance. This driver is aimed at the moderate to slow swing speed as it's lighter than a typical driver. At the end of the video I also hit some with my normal faster swing speed just to see the difference.

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Ethan Haas says:

I`ve been golfing for around twenty years, struggling to break Ninety. 3-4 years back, I couldn’t get an exceptional round but that was prior to I read through the golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it). I`m not effective when using my irons. I could handle driver properly but could only reach a limited distance..

Gary Ferris says:

Talk talk talk

Richard Beckel says:

Good video, I like the way we got to see the slower swing flight and your normal swing speed flight. I'm kinda in the middle with a speed in the low 90's. My thoughts are the TS2 with maybe a mid-weight stiff shaft would work for me. I might hit a few yards farther with the TS1 set -up, but a light weight flex shaft drives me crazy. Also, the extra distance would be more than offset by the dispersion.

I need to look at your videos to learn your smooth, easy swing.

mwats says:

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Dog lover JB says:

use real golfers who swing slow to swing it…you have a pro swing that most golfers cannot relate to…

john ledi says:

Hi Michael, do you think a faster spinning ball would help with this club?

Raymond Duffy says:

That was fascinating. I am an old, slow swinging mid handicapper and you have convinced me to persevere to find, even, just a few more mph. Thanks.

Rob C says:

I had this driver the week it was released. I was swinging 84-85 mph with a PING G410. First swing out of the box with the TS1 was 92 mph and 236 yards.

While subsequent drives have averaged more 88-90, that's still a gain of 15-18 yards on average.

And the sound. Man it sounds just fantastic.

Aart van der Molen says:

Great video again ! How would it compare to the Cobra F-Max Superlite ?

Jack Lam says:

Actually pretty similar to what less skilled golfers would do!

Mj says:

I’d be more impressed with the demo if you had a guy 65 swinging the club

Cameron Loveless says:

Nice review Michael. Worth pointing out that a driver with a lightweight head, shaft & grip is not new – just new to Titleist. Some of the press around would have us think this is groundbreaking when it isn’t. Been done by Wilson 4-5 years ago with the D200 Superlight driver. Probably been done by other companies too

Paul Malone says:

Will you do a Wilson Staff D7 Irons review? Just bought a set they are sweet? Didn’t know that Wilson clubs are now coming on strong .

mpc77769 says:

Nice Gavin's 👍

Kim Hannemann says:

Not to push a competitor, but James Robinson just had his dad fitted into one of these, getting 15-25 yards more with it. See today's vid from James.

Rayquaza says:

Great stuff!

Donnie Corrigan says:

Great video Michael, amazing you make great contact when you slow down swing so much, Talent.

carpykeith says:

I wonder if they’ll bring out a set of lightweight fairways/rescues to match?

Taz says:

awesome job, newton ~^^

Johnny Penso says:

Hopefully won't need one of these for a decade or so and can pick one up on the used market for $50 😃 😄 😅 😆. I know people complain about golf companies putting out too much equipment these days but it's nice to see they are turning their attention to the slower swinging hackers. We all end up in that category eventually.

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