Ping G430 10K vs Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver

Which driver is more forgiving, the Callaway AI Smoke Max or the Ping G430 10K? Watch this video to see a comparison between these two golf clubs and find out which one might be best for your game!

They were built to be as close to each other as possible to remove the differences in stock shafts – The Ping G430 10K has a higher mass in the head so I had to build it in a way to make the Callaway Ai Smoke Max have the same swingweight

This involved more weight in the grip end of the Ping G430 10k and more weight in the head end of the Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver

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2 thoughts on “Ping G430 10K vs Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver

  1. I’m playing the 10k at the moment. Stock black 2.0 driver stiff. Have hit it very well for the the most part. I’m quite negative angle of attack -4 or -5 spin it around 2800 to 3100. Ping seems to be the best equipped for a guy like me who will likely never have a neutral attack angle. Would like to try the Callaway though just to tinker. Never been a fan of the triple diamond. Maybe the max or max d

  2. I have the Callaway AI Smoke Max and I also changed my weights. I really wasn’t going for the forgiveness factor but yet a lower spin comparable to the Tripple Diamond. I’ll say this, I gained extra on all aspects of maximizing a club. I wanted to utilize the “A.I.” face as much possible and I stumble on a hidden treasure ????…. Not sure what’s the spect on ur shaft but I play with the Mitsubishi 1K White and I’m getting some impressive results????????. I’m not a fitter by no means or am I a golf pro but, what I’ve done with my driver is hell of amazing to me!!! Btw, love the videos????????

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