Ping G430 5 hybrid OR Callaway Paradym 5 hybrid?

Today I test the 2023 Ping G430 hybrid and the Callaway Paradym hybrid on course at La Hacienda Golf Links in San Roque, Southern Spain.

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16 thoughts on “Ping G430 5 hybrid OR Callaway Paradym 5 hybrid?

  1. I am partial to Ping hybrids and I think Ping did a much better job of hitting and staying in the target areas. That being said I have several Ping G 425 hybrids and they will be staying in the bag. Good review!!!

  2. I've had the same Ping Anser 2 hybrid and 3 wood in my bag for the past 12 years. Never felt the need to change them. I just bought a new set of Mizuno 923 Hot Metal irons in 5-gap wedge so I bought a G430 4 hybrid to replace the 4 iron. It's definitely much easier to hit than a 4 iron.

  3. I went for a fitting yesterday to get a 4 iron replacement and walked away with a 26 degree Ping G430 hybrid. My 5 iron is 24 degrees and carries around 162 yards but the hybrid gaps perfectly in terms of distance so both are in the bag now.

  4. Really need this kind of review right now as I am in a quandary. I just turned 82, so it's time to consider options to regain some lost distance. Just had the shafts on my forged blades changed from 120 gram stiff Royal Precision Rifle Lite to 87.5 gram stiff Nippon NS Pro Zelos 8 (actually the builder at my range has a lot of the heads and built a second set with the same heads so I can compare the two). Have not had a chance to play a round with the new shafts yet. But to my surprise and frustration, at the indoor practice bay hitting against the screen today, when I compared the 6 iron from the old vs the new set I found I got no gain with the lighter shafts, in fact hit the older heavier shaft just a bit longer. and neither gave me the few extra yards of carry I have been hoping to get. This might change after I become more used to the rather drastic change in shaft weight (swing weight is almost the same D4 in the old vs D3 in the new). In the past year I have added a 21 degree 7 wood in regular flex and recently a Callaway Paradym 24 degree 9 wood regular flex. Some of this is a response to recommendations you make along with others. The 7 wood is meant to replace my 3 and 4 irons. The 9 wood is meant to replace my 5 iron. Now the question is, should I think about a utility or hybrid to replace the 6 iron? In addition, would it be better to have a 26 degree hybrid instead of the 9 wood? I took a few shots at the indoor range screen today but will go back to do more complete testing. However, it seems I hit the 26 degree as far as the 24 degree 9 wood. If I can get a 15 yard gap between these long clubs rather than a 10 yard gap, it might be sensible. And a new Paradym hybrid would be less expensive than the Paradym 9 wood, which I can still return for full value in exchange.

  5. Have 4,5,6 G425 hybrids wanted a 7 in the same series no longer available so considering the newer version don’t know if it will be very different from the 425.

  6. I play a 4,5, and 6 hybrid by Mizuno and there really is no comparison to long irons for me. The hybrids are superior in almost every regard with the possible exception of digging a ball out of deep, thick rough. The hybrids provide decent angles, as you have illustrated, but the deScent angles allow for shorter roll-out, shaving strokes.

  7. The problem is that clubs meanwhile became unaffordable and with that pushing golf once again into the "posh and snob" category, being a sport for rich people only. Honestly, I can not afford it any longer and have to get clubs from 2 years before (which you cannot get fitted for any longer) or used once, and that sucks. And as I never ever win anything, I really have to wait 2 years… Oh, and what a fantastic hole at 10:50. Would love to play the course!

  8. Great video. Please keep the solid material coming. As far as clubs go I have ping driver, ping woods, ping irons, a ping wedge, ping putter. I was attempting an all ping kick for a while which started with the driver and putter. But when it comes to the hybrids I tried and tried in every setting but did not get along with g425 hybrids. I think they are amazing clubs in the hands of better golfers than I. I do however get along pretty darn good with the 6, 7, 8 callaway rogue st max hybrids and the callaway 3 super hybrid. I am now considering a paradym 4 or 5 hybrid to fill the gap between the 3 super hybrid and rogue st max 6 hybrid. How would you say paradym 4 hybrid stacks up against a rogue st max 4 hybrid out on the course? I did have a chance to hit a paradym 4 hybrid on a simulator at a local golf shop and I was really digging the looks, sound, feel, and results. Is paradym the next version of rogue st max or are they two completely different lineups geared toward different golfers? Very confusing.

  9. Love your videos, Andy. It's great to see someone like yourself review clubs in realistic settings rather than just on a simulator. As for the hybrids, I prefer the way the Ping looks at address. It's more subtle and looks better to my eye. I used to play with G410s and never really took to them. My misses were both ways and never could get confident with them. I'm now playing with Cleveland XL Halos which I really like. Much more accurate. Only reason I'm considering switching is I'd like to put a 30* in my bag and Cleveland's highest loft is 27*. I'm going to give these Pings a try soon!

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