Possibly The EASIEST Way to Improve ANY Golf Swing

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Mark Hospers says:

Love the visualization as many have commented on. Wondering if the motion at contact is a “whip/snap” the paint off or just a smooth “sling” of the paint. Anxious to try at range. Thanks so much!

Bout du Monde says:

Whip effect. Perfect tempo too. Recipe to well struck, consistent irons.

Andre Nakaso says:

Love the use of the paint brush visualization. Thanks Clay!

Abraham Gottfried says:

An extremely worthwhile visualization… the paintbrush and "paint fling", paint a clear picture to keep in mind for a successful smooth swing. Thank you

Larry Jones says:

Why do the pros play army golf right left or left then right missing the fairway

Larry Jones says:

The inside out swing is over all the wrong approach when three things happen an two are bad then why would do it approach the ball from the back with a slight open face an see just how strait you can hit the ball

c1985paul says:

Imma paint brush the crap out of my golf club.

Chris Clark says:

Every time I try an inside out swing i end up hooking… Help!

Michael McDonnell says:

Great tips. Went to the range and worked on the inside/out swing path. Struck the ball much crisper just not any added distance.

Merkeva 1 says:

i think you can be smooth and slow but u need to coil up especially with ur core in the backswing

Bill Bigler says:

Excellent analagy Clay and lesson.

Jacob Howard says:

The card don't work.

Jacob Howard says:

I have seen the preview of this anti roll method numerous times, but I cant find the full video. Where do I find it.

golfnut says:

Good analogy with the paint brush will have to remember it.

Tonyliuqun says:

Nice! Will try his!!!

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