12 thoughts on “Ranking The TOP 5 FORGIVING Driver’s Of 2024!

  1. What about the mizuno 230 st-max? For 300 dollars it has to be in the top 5. You can use the money you save on an upgraded shaft and have a better overall driver than any of these 500-600 dollar ones on this video in my opinion. Or am I missing something??

  2. Putting a fitted club in this test is a bit biased, we need to see base spec numbers. Any driver could be good with a multiple hundred dollar fitting getting exact shafts and weight combinations mate

  3. Hello James!!

    Longtime subscriber, longtime golfer. I thought you guys were all about the clubs that were best for your budget not the ones that I would have to take a second mortgage on my house to buy.????

    Why not give us your top five budget drivers like maybe Tacoma, 11 clubs of that caliber.

  4. Cleveland XL Launcher 2 not making the list is actually VERY surprising.

    With that being said, I'm perfectly happy with my Cobra LTDx Max. Driver is MONEY

  5. Apart from the pxg, i tried them all out on the course and trackman and ended up going with Wilson. Very little between them and £150 cheaper

  6. I like the chevron and it helps me – we are all not as good as you ???????????? players ???? and you like the horrible X on the PXG ????

  7. Tried the new PXG this spring and didn’t come close to my Gen 4 PXG driver.very disappointed after all PXGs hype.Wasnt happy with the fitter either.

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