TWO OF THE BEST FORGIVING DRIVERS OF 2024! Ping G430 Max 10K vs Mizuno ST Max 230

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I put two of the most forgiving golf drivers of 2024 up against each other in a head to head battle. The Ping G430 Max 10K Driver vs Mizuno ST Max 230 driver, both golf clubs are low spin, straight hitting & long distance!

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20 thoughts on “TWO OF THE BEST FORGIVING DRIVERS OF 2024! Ping G430 Max 10K vs Mizuno ST Max 230

  1. If you deleted one of each… you could throw a blanket around the ping. More ball speed with slower swing with that dispersion… makes me feel good about the ping I just bought ha

  2. I understand you using the same shaft to keep the tests fair for this year, but all we are ever told is that different shafts perform better or worse in certain heads.

  3. I'll have the 'quiet luxury' looks of Mizuno please. Although I consider myself lucky with a 299 EUR ex-demo (but hardly hit) deal on the 230Z back in December, a major step up from my 2014 gamer, I still can't stop thinking if the Max would even be a better fit… If only Mizuno would have called me back in December, I would have given it a go. Even although I think that all current prices for new drivers are just crazy high. Let's see what the Mizuno Max will cost by the time we hit December this year.

  4. Thanks Michael for a Wonderful comparison. I have a Tsi3 and also G430 max. I get good numbers with Tsi any day, though the g430 is more forgiving.

  5. Thank you Michael for doing this video that I requested. It’s nice to see you read your comments and respond so quickly. Excellent video, in Canada here there is a big price difference in these two clubs as the Mizuno is $699 and the Ping is $879. Ouch LOL. I prefer the looks of the Mizuno definitely, and then total distance for 1.5 yards which on any given day of testing these drivers those numbers could even be reversed about the basically are at a draw. I would definitely purchased a Mizuno in a heartbeat if I needed a driver. Thank you for all your great videos!

  6. Honestly, im struggling NOT to buy the ping. U hit it and it was amazing…not as pretty as my tsr3 and louder…but it just went straight with great spin maximizing slightly off shots….i really dont want it but I'm truly entertaining it against my 0 cap and personal bias????

    My tsr3 was as fast or faster by 1 to 2 bs but overall accuracy, ping slapped my gamer(annoyed me) and that was definitive. When im on, its tsr3 no doubt but 1 slightly off shot i think….hmmm

  7. Mizuno everyday of the week. The only downside is resaleablility of the Mizuno in the second hand market in a few years, it will be no where near as high as the PIng.

  8. With the price difference being what it is, would you say if the performance is close enough between the two to suggest going with the Mizuno over the Ping?

  9. Just got fitted for the ping 10k can't believe how low the spin was as I'm always a high spin player, wish I could've tried the mizuno too but store didn't have it

  10. Doesn’t look too much between them, both look great forgiving drivers, personally prefer the looks and sound of the Mizuno, and with the price difference I’d go Mizuno

  11. I'd like to see you put the TSr up against some of these new drivers. Based on your videos in the past the TSr is equal to or better (ball speed and distance) than the new drivers. They are all close to the same price so may not matter in the end.

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