Rory McIlroy hitting driver up 17th on practice day, The Masters, 2013, Augusta National

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Andy Morris says:

Gives a great idea of the feel upclose. Thanks for this :)

mikol58 says:

I wonder?…have any of those too early camera clicks ever made anyone
money or fame? What exactly are they shooting? A glorious downswing??
Cameras that make any noise should be banned…it seems they are being used
to cause trouble, nothing else.

phantomlord54 says:

I have never seen a golfer straighten a leg in order to trigger a swing ..
that’s interesting

Sean Joyce says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Hentzer says:

@0:20 is someone cumming after that shot?

Max Newman says:

scary how good he is

manuel rodriguez says:

watch them sparks fly

htpbg1fan says:

So many camera clicks geez

Zoe TheCat says:

He’s still a loser – text message Wozniaki that the wedding is off?
Fugging TOOL

CoastaMonsta says:

He fucked this tee shot in the ass

Alex says:

:20 someone but hurt? Looks smaller in real life? He’s not big and never
was idiot. Idk how you got your masters ticket..

jigs9600able says:

I can’t believe those cameras!! Tiger Wood’s old caddie would have gone ape
shit on them.

AngelEyesC4 says:

because it’s practice day and the only time they can do that

Fongfongmc says:

True that. No words needed for a swing that pretty.

MrBeerpongman says:

You have just made my day! Thanks.

Blackyboi39 says:

It sometimes happen if there are slightly wet conditions, the ones I had
where more redish though.

kyle scott says:

theres a slight spark right a contact

Anton Löfgren says:

yea and how hard is it to take photos without sound? idiots


I would give my left nut to play Augusta National, hell I got 2…LOL

Piney says:

Lol, people’s reactions when someone hits a tee shot crack me up…
regardless of where the ball goes it’s always blissful astonishment haha

chris mcintyre says:

I like the guys at the end saying he looks a lot smaller in real life than
he does on tv…haha

Michael S says:

Chill out its a practice day.

npxmnpxm says:

Does Augusta have a relaxed camera policy on practice days?

frothyshoes says:

Fucking assholes with the cameras

liontri7 says:

It sounded like a guy was moaning at 0:20.

Legoman19892 says:

Practice Round…

MrBeerpongman says:

Good spot!

Walter Allred says:

Dick heads taking pictures during his swing.

EssHighlightReel says:

your’re right

Monty says:

that was the clubface not the ball, happens alot with titanium faces when
they hit the tee

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