Rory McIlroy's amazing swing speed explained | Swing Index

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Rory McIlroy has one of the best swings in the game of golf. Here we analyse specifically how he manages to generate so much power into the ball.

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diliviof says:

I just finished reading through these golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) a week ago before heading out and putting the exercises to the test. I never thought that after playing for 30 years, my swinging proficiency could still be better. In addition to that, the practice drills also helped tweak some small but significant positions that I once thought didn’t mean much.

April C says:

I just finished reading these golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) last week before going out and placing the routines to the test. Never imagined that after actively playing for Thirty years, my swinging proficiency could still be better. The drills have aided with small details I had never paid much attention to..

James Hoffman says:

Hilarious that Rory sounds like he’s from America’s Midwest in this video. Where’s your accent mate(from the Midwest)

M says:

Now what about Bryson dechambeau??

Ryan says:

I need an extra stiff shaft I guess. My swing speed avg is 125. My high is 136 mph with my driver. I still got a fade even on straight shots with a stiff shaft

Mike Y says:

I cant hit 90 mph on my best swing

VXx2K says:

Complete hogwash

Brodric Johnson says:

Very nice video

S59 says:

Not only keeps the head still but behind the ball, that's key.


Ohhhhhhh now I see where I’m losing distance… at 2:19 keeping a steady head right…listen,I’m currently playing off a 7 H/C and my game has dramatically improved since I bought the M6 1,3,5 woods I have never hit the ball so long,mind you that’s with a faulty swing,especially on my way back.

I tend to take my eyes off the ball a lot and that’s made me erratic, I’m now seriously gonna work hard on keeping my head still at the top of my swing.
I’m also gonna widen my stance a bit to see if that won’t extend my hip rotation coz I know I do coil but as to whether I’m close to Rory I’m not sure.

Thanks for breaking down Rory’s swing,this I feel is gonna make me hit it closer to that hallowed 300m Mark with my Driver.

Thank You✌🏿🇿🇦

Mil Sneler says:

Golf instructions are the biggest bullshit of all time

Bagpuss Macfarlan says:

Apart from Rory's amazing swing, that was a bunch of claptrap.

M L says:

To hit it like Rory, swing like him, simples… not

Calens001 says:

Now I wish I'd listened during trigonometry.

Richard Harris says:

Ahhh so that's what im doing wrong .. sorted .. no more 28 handicap for me ..

Gonzalo Lab says:

Talent + Practice + Physical Condition + Confidence = Rory’s Success

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