Sergio Garcia’s Impressive Round 2 at the Masters Tournament

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MrOnemanop says:

Impressive mastery of english as a spaniard, but he had to catch himself and laugh a little (At the phonetic duality) as at 2:07 he says , ("Catch the wrong")- pause-, "ah, gust of win(d)".

Lewis Burrows says:

Get in Sergio! Never wanted anyone to win the masters as much as this guy, for Seve⛳️

rohitsn says:

This guy is awesome

Barebare kun says:

You finally did it,Sergio!

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

Time to win Sergio

Melvin Rosado says:

I have been watching Sergio through the years at the masters and he has impressed me big time. I think he finally is grabbing his game by the badubbies. It will not surprise me to see him win the 2017 Masters.

Anthony S. Partsch says:

Well I'll be damned… there actually playing golf! I thought it was a 4 day broadcast of masters history

Michael Nivens says:

wtg, Sergio !!!

Ur Mama says:

Go get em ballhead

rick24lb says:

Go get em Sergio!

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