Here's a simple drill for more distance. This one is especially good for seniors as they tend to be way too tight in the wrists. The looser the wrists, the more clubhead speed which equates to more distance.

This simple drill came up when one of my senior students started doing it as we were doing a lesson. It allowed him to loosen up and get that effortless golf swing feeling. Once he got the feeling he started hitting it longer and more pure.

You can literally be doing this simple drill for more distance anywhere. At home, the range and even when you play. Once you give it a try you'll see what I mean. Just start loosening up. If so, you will get more distance that you ever thought possible.

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15 thoughts on “SIMPLE DRILL FOR MORE DISTANCE – Great for Senior Golfers

  1. great too even if you're not a senior. I've been following your stuff since I began golfing, I started with a +25 handicap, 18 handicap, now 14+ having a hard time breaking 90 regularly .. but I owe it Paul Wilson!!! honestly the problem I've been having is weight transfer through swing which gives me those bad shots every now and then that causes those double bogey's

  2. Nothing new here for me. But I much appreciate that you keep hammering the one single thing that most public golfers need instead of dreaming up esoteric things so as to have a new approach. We don't need a new approach. We've got to take maxim number one until we get it!!

  3. When just starting the takeaway,  I try to see the club head match my spine angle. But with loose wrists the head should automatically start to turn toe up, correct? And then after reaching the top of backswing and coming down, loose wrists should square the face at impact, then lead to face matching spine angle again on the way back up?

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