Simple Golf Drill to get More Distance with Less Swing Speed

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You are now watching the a simple drill that will allow you to swing slower but hit the golf ball LONGER CAN NOW ACCESS THIS IN YOUR GOLF SWING. IMPROVE YOUR SMASH FACTOR TO DRIVE THE BALL LONGER WITH AN EASIER SWING

Alex Elliott Golf tips –…​

Award winning PGA golf Professional Alex Elliott shows you the key elements to hitting the golfball longer down the fairway but not loose accuracy and hit the golf ball into hazards. this is the best way to lower your scores for good.

I strongly believe that this is one of the Best if not the #1 video on youtube to make you a better golf through a better backswing and downswing. Any one of any ages and flexibility has the chance to improve their body to improve their golf swing take charge now and improve your golf swing!


0:00​​ Coming up
0:22 THE Smash TEST
03:28 Swig slower Hit it longer?
05:35 THE swing Slower drill
07:21 Every golfer check points for the swing

Key questions that are covered in todays video are: How do i create more power and club head speed? What is the best club head speed drill? How do i Turn through the golf ball better? What is the best drill to be more open at impact? What are the best IRON drills for all golfer to use? What is the best iron drills for senior golfers? What are the best irons drills for senior golfers? How do you swing the golf club on plane? What is the best drill to swing the golf club on plane? How do you make the perfect irons swing? How do you swing the driver on plane? How do you swing your driver on plane? What is the best drill for irons and the driver golf swing? How do i make the perfect backswing? What is the best backswing drill? What is the best way to start the backswing? What is the best way to start the golf swing? How important is the backswing? what is the best golf swing tips of all time? How does Ben Hogan swing the golf club? What is the best Ben Hogan golf tip? what is THE BEST GOLF SWING TIP OF ALL TIME from Arnold Palmer?



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AlexElliottGolf says:

SWING SLOWER but hit it LONGER 🙏 – it’s the weekend everyone have a good one

Timothy Blinn says:

We are all guilty of swinging a smidge too hard. Great video Alex

Golf Duff says:

Very interesting.

MikeSloan01 says:

Interesting concept, but really need to see the results on actual swings……that data belonged to a wedge or 9 iron, not the big stick. Would be curious to see the results from 240-290 yard swings

LE GEND says:

Yes, really great video. Swinging out of your shoes, out of control is not how you gain distance. Finding the Centre of the face is the way to more distance. However, my son (8 years old) has been taking lessons for about a year and the instructors are teaching all the kids to swing as fast as they can now and figure out straight later. Apparently the reasoning is that it’s harder to teach/train speed later in life 🤷🏻‍♂️

Steve Ramsay says:

I feel like I’ve forgotten how to swing at all its been so long 😕

sadri mathari says:

Very smart analysis ! Awesome

Andy M says:

Alex another good tip
Been trying to reign in for control for past two years without success
Some of which is down to my alignment

Em Crossley says:

Great video !

Langley Smith says:

I was really interested in this video. Keep them coming

Jayne Elliott says:

Great video

Ashley Elliott says:

Very interesting video

Wayne Park says:

This is quite interesting 👍.

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