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Here's a simple hip drill that shows you how to move your hips in the downswing and into the follow through. The more hips you use in your swing, the more distance you will gain.

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So many golfers are just hitting with the arms when they swing. This can be from not realizing they have to use their hips, they might not know how to use them or they are just hitting with the arms. In order to hit the ball longer with your driver golf you need to be powering your swing with your legs and hips.

This hip drill gets you learning how to use them. Once you know how, then you can start trying to power your swing with them instead of just hitting with your arms. This drill drill can be done at home. at the range or even when you play so start to do it as soon as you can.

The more you do this hip drill the more distance you will get because you will finally be using your body to hit the ball instead of just your arms.

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Darren Hadden says:

Great video. I would like to know how to do that keeping head steady. That's what is confusing me. Any drills for that? Thanks Paul

Vim9654 Mitt says:

When do you drop the club when u rotate the hips? Is it delay hit?

Rafael Gonzalez says:

I love your videos for years. I am a video consultant and would love to give you a couple of tips how to diffuse the sunlight for better quality images just using a very affordable diffusion frame.If you are interested sent me a message. Cheers!

snwboardn21 says:

Oh my God, out of all the videos I have watched this is the one that made it click for me. For me it is all about feel, I have to know what the position feels like, so I go to the hit position with my check behind me and see where my arms have to be for me to make contact with the ball in that position.

Bill Hill says:

Paul, great video, are you pushing off the ground with the trail foot??

rodriguez1421 says:

I’ve been watching your videos for at least a year and I have to say this video has helped me understand how to use my lower body a lot better. Thank you

Anthony S. says:

Exactly the drills I’ve been doing, this just gives me reassurance. Thank you 🙏

Jim Hanna says:

Paul, this tip on hip turning is the best. Watching all your videos for the past 6 months have gotten my game back on track. I thank you for that.

Daneagle Du Toit says:

Nice one Paul. Thanks very helpful.


Thanks finally i got my arms out of my swing

Charlene Hastings says:

Love Paul Wilson and I request all my students to subscribe to his YouTube station.

J PP says:

"that ball right there, is absolutely dead straight"…. I'm using this line on my next straight drive 😂
Great instructions, as usual!

Thomas Fraser says:

Hi Paul this video is fantastic and deserves millions of hits.

I use to think of using my gluteal muscles pulling my lead hip out of the way to start my downswing. Since that did not work for me I am now starting my downswing with a pushing motion altogether with all the joints and bones below my belly button.

I try not to deliberately feel I am pulling anything in my body as my muscles can only supply the pulling power and energy for my entire golf swing. The only thing I might feel is the lagging of my club pulling my hands back until we both equalize ourselves briefly at the moment of impact to the ball.

Rob Nassir says:

Hi Paul, I just happened to be searching for some tips on hip turning and came across your video. Definitely gives me a good focal point to work with. I’ve been working on turning my hips faster, in order to strike the ball better. And it definitely takes consistent, repetitive practice to get that muscle memory or habit going. I’m 57 and the hips don’t turn as fast or easily as they use to. I’m pretty aggressive with turning the hips to get them there, but then it really puts a strain on my lower back. (Old back injuries with bad disks). But I’ve sucked it up because, HEY, it’s golf. Lol. When I get to the range this week I’m going to try out your tip/method to see if it gets me more fluid instead of aggressively rotating them. Aside from that, any good stretching moves to help the hips and lower back? Thanks in advance and keep up the great teaching. 👍🏼🏌🏿‍♂️

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