Slow Your Backswing To Improve Your Ball Striking Golf Swing Tip

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Golf swing tip – slow your backswing to improve your ball striking.

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Birdie Maker says:

I would say speed for most people in the swing is what holds all the bad moves together if they took away the speed in the backswing the contact would get worse. So then you would still need to correct the movements . Would you agree?

SamQuint75 says:

Been watching this Morikawa kid and trying his very deliberate backswing. I've been striking it so much better

Richard Workman says:

It’s interesting to see how many tour pros have a controlled backswing yet us normals don’t try to replicate this. I’ve slowed mine and the change in consistency, speed and distance is incredible.

Luc Paquette says:

« Acceleration in the bottow » but before that « backswing and transition » SMOOTH is what I get from this. Thanks Michael!

jroberts25 says:

Collin Morikawa

Tatski says:

Smooth and relax arms. I did this today and my drives were all in the middle of the fairway. Thanks

Alfred Brown says:

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Good luck

Ignacio Alvarez says:

What about Sungjae Im backswing?


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diliviof says:

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Hill Picon says:

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