Smash Your Drives 30-50 Yards Longer with This SIMPLE DRILL!

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In this video, Steve demonstrates a simple drill that will help you approach the ball from a more shallow and inside angle, helping you get more driver distance.

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, driver distance, smash factor, angle of attack, and have more FUN!
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georgia may says:

thanks Steve .. hope you are well ..

Tom Smith says:

I wonder when you will be in Scottsdale AZ or Belleair FL – because if/when you do, look me up and I'll pay for a long lesson with you!!! We can play WeKoPa and/or Bellair CC

Thanks for your great videos nonetheless!!!!!!!

Albano Dos Santos says:

I like the idea when you just let the club rest on the right side for the spine side bend…

Michael Monville says:

Hi, Steve I have trouble with follow thru I have plated hockey since i was a kid and you never had a long follow thru what drill can i do to break the habit? it is mostly on my Driver and woods.
Thanks Mick

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