Starting Your Right Arm Like This Will 100% Feel Like Cheating!!

This 100% feels like cheating in your golf swing when you get the right arm in this correct golf swing position you get the club in the SLOT every single time. Every golfer i know feels like cheating when they get the right arm in the correct starting position with driver and irons! This will add SO much distance and accuracy to your golf game! This is how to get your elbow tucked in in the golf swing & it 100% feels like cheating

When you get the right arm correct your can create the perfect backswing and hit more from the inside in the downswing. This is how to set up to the golf ball correctly in the address position with driver & irons. Alex Elliott Golf shows you Starting Your Right Arm Like This Will 100% Feel Like Cheating!!

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28 thoughts on “Starting Your Right Arm Like This Will 100% Feel Like Cheating!!

  1. Thank you Alex! This made an unmistakable difference in my shots. Doing the curl & just turning the wrist gets me on the right path for the shot better than the method I used to try (bringing the right elbow in on the downswing). This was seriously helpful : )

  2. You said on your previous video your feet is closed together, now your feet is far apart while hitting your driver, I’m confuse

  3. Your regular average amateur golfer will probably slice the ball when trying this technique if not taking into account that their driver swing may have already been skewed.

  4. Alex, I like your videos, and I would like you to make a video showing how to swing with the shoulders while keeping both arms straight. I played my best golf doing this, but I have forgotten how to do it properly.
    Thanks, John

  5. Hey Alex you been working on your guns? Content is excellent but if your a moron like me you lose focus god knows where the ball is going to go.

  6. This definately makes sense!! Think i am dropping my right shoulder too much on my irons. I hit a fat shots alot ! Definately gonna try this! Great video!

  7. Loved this lesson. No unnecessary waffle. I hit eight out of nine drives straight down the middle. Just need to sort out my hybrid 3,4 5 and 6 irons.

  8. I enjoy your videos, but sometimes teachers of golf sometimes forget the little things that simple to them, but not obvious to someone who doesn’t play golf that well. How to get that right arm or elbow to come back down from the swing from the back and still stay in line. How do you do that? It has to do with something about your wrist, when you come back down from your swing up. that wrist is doing something that makes that elbow stay in. what is it?

  9. After I watched your video, I rushed myself to the range to experiment this tip. Wow ! It works. Amazing. You know , I watch a lot of golf instructions on you tube . I would say it’s the most improving tip I received since I play golf…
    And I’m 68 …

  10. The position of both your left and your right elbow/arm are controlled solely by your hand position on the grip of your club. The moment he places his right hand on the grip, the position of his right elbow and arm are set. The only way to change the position of the elbow and arm in the golf swing is to move the hand inward or outward on the grip. I'm so sick of these stupid "trail arm" lessons. They are pure fantasy.

  11. Is your right arm right next to your body (say 3 o'clock – belly being 12) or is it a little on your chest (a little between 2 and 3)? Thanks!

  12. I have been watching your videos since this past spring and have applied a number of your teachings. I’ve been a mid to upper 80’s guy for 20+ years. Over the last month, using your teaching, I’ve been breaking 80 at my home course 3 out of 4 times. I play 2 to 4 times a week with very little practice. Your concepts are simple and easy to follow. I just have to be careful with how many I bring to any one round at a time, which is hard to do because of the exciting possibilities each time I play! Eliminating 6 to 10 shots a round is a big deal for me over the course of a few months and I have a new found excitement for the game! Thank you for sharing and making this guy more excited about playing and knowing I can improve my game as I get older.

  13. AE. where can I buy a AE golf shirt? I need one. Since I started watching your videos I have dropped 10 strokes on my game. Putting is still my downfall. Please do a putting video again. Thanks KW

  14. Awesome tip. Thank you for taking the time to show us your tips. You make them so simple to learn and understand. I Can actually feel the difference in my swing.

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