ELEVEN Hybrid Irons Review I FEEL LIKE A CHEAT when using a hybrids over an normal iron design. An iron has got a flat face, limited forgiveness due to the size of the head so putting it up against a full set of Hybrid Irons some say might not be fair. If you can get over the looks as they are big, the sound, as they are very hybrid like, then you could be using the biggest CHEAT code in Golf.

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16 thoughts on “ELEVEN Hybrid Irons Review I FEEL LIKE A CHEAT

  1. Great video. Very helpful. I find the fixation with looks and sound to be a bit amusing. Honestly, if I could hit the ball that consistent I wouldn't care if the top of the club had a shark fin on it and it quacked like a duck when I hit it!

  2. I’ve had my neck fused twice. I haven’t golf in 5yrs. I miss it immensely. I was about 7-8 handicap (public course ????) 10-12 handicap (country club ????). I was thinking of picking these up in hope they don’t dig and more of a sweeper. Please let me know your thoughts? Thanks.

  3. you probably accept changes in stuff on a daily basis, no one is forcing you to play these clubs, us older player appreciate that the club manufactures are looking to make the game more enjoyable to us, i personally chose the Cobra option, and my scores have stopped deteriating, lets be honest its about the game and the comradeship in golf!

  4. After I converted over to 5W, 7W, 9W a while back, my scores REALLY got better. I would love to get a set of these and test them on myself. If I can get better accuracy / dispersion AND repeatable distances, why yes, count me in.

  5. I bet that the bulge and roll was confusing the monitor's cameras when it was set as an iron. Hence the open face readings on shots that went straight.

  6. I’m a 10 handicap golfer forget the looks if a set of clubs helps my score I’m in !
    Golf made easier & better score !
    I’m in

  7. Why be a golf snob and worry about the look and the sound. The most important thing is do they work and they certainly do. I'll be in the market for them.

  8. "I would never play these, but i wonder why more people aren't playing them" ????????
    Ummm, probably for the exact same reason you won't. They Sure seemed to make your game look pretty freaking good. ????

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