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Mark Crossfield golf professional talks golf driver swing and driver distance gains that all golfers could benefit from. Simple golf driver swing basics can help you get the most out of what you put into your golf game and help you lower your scores. When it comes to hitting straighter and longer tee shots you need to make sure you understand what you can get from your driver and how some simple and easy to follow golf swing ideas might help you keep more shots in play and help you enjoy your golf game more.

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Joe Carter_3 says:

This lesson couldn’t be more timely. I’ve been working on this very thing this week. As I back off my swing speed and focus on the attributes of my swing, my drives straighten out and my ball distribution pattern becomes tighter. When I try to crush the ball, my signature slice comes back.

Graeme Finlayson says:

Sadly I, too, have water pistols (but they're empty)
Rather be at the course than the gym, but I know I should be working on speed!

Thomas Haxman says:

I keep a low swing speed = control but make sure to have a high smash factor at the moment 150 for driver (age 49)

William Richards says:

Brilliant video Mark. Nice to see someone not trying to sell us new drivers or magical new power moves. Love your honest look at yourself videos. Keep them coming

David Watson says:

I'm 62 had back surgery. Driver is my worst club. I shoot in the mid 70s. Driver distance 225 max. Any suggestions?

Partrick Stowman says:

I'm happy that your swing is so dialed in. But watching one go from 113 down to 111 whilst hitting it dead straight is meaningless to me struggling to get 94 mph in any way possible

Eric Klooster says:

Delivery. Low heel strikes are a problem.

jmart5011 says:

Great video mate!

Chet Klapprodt says:

Great content as always Mark! Delivery path and strike for me! 😉

Andrew Wilson says:

Everyone is thinking speed and power. Totally agree Mark, strike is key. Macho nonsense. WATCH THIS!!!! Boom 😂 nowhere 😭

Graham T says:

Common for myself and dare i say a 70 / 30 trend to a cut leak ( big spin ) eminating from heal strikes !! I hate them !!

stuart rawlings says:

unfortunately ego takes over and we all try to hit it to hard i have noticed my longest drives seem effortless just wish i could do it all the time


I need to deliver the club better

OvieKovy says:

I own the water pistols 😂

Gary Savill says:

From Gary savill

spenno73 says:

Better delivery all day, need to launch my driver higher, struggle not to put the iron swing on it.

TommyPauker says:

Had a driver fitting, now I am hitting the middle of the club face more often. I think the most effect had the shortened shaft. More control, more middeling…

Gary says:

Surely the more power you have, the faster your 80% shot is…

colin tennant says:

I’ve got longer by making sure I line things up rather than trying to smash the crap out of it.

Steffan Davies says:

Good video. Totally relevant to me. Going to 80% (also helps control my swaying) gives much better distances, especially with woods/hybrids.

Chris Davis says:

Great video! I’m not sure if there is a tip for this but how can you reduce your spin numbers on a driver? I’m someone that hits the 4-5k revs mark and therefore looses distance. Any tips or feelings I can adopt..

Garbox80 says:

I've seen this with my irons, when I'm able to control my backswing to maybe a bit over 3/4. Ball goes just as far as with a full swing which tells me that I'm striking it better. And more consistently.
With the driver I'm losing club head speed because my wrist angle starts to open too soon. I can get a bit over 100mph, but no matter how much harder I try to hit I gain no speed (and video has shown that I've lost quite a bit of angle already when my hands are about on my waist height). Now that can be an issue with wrist strength or just technique, maybe a bit of both.

So I guess it's mostly the efficiency for me

Kevin Hodgson says:

Delivery… played yesterday, swinging pretty quick, very high and a little leaky! A video in controlling to loft on the driver would be amazing

James Walford says:

I need to control club face nd slow swing speed

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