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Swing hard or swing fast with Mark Crossfield golf professional. Mark talks about getting the most power from your golf swing and trying to hit the best golf tee shots you can. When it comes to creating more club head speed should you swing hard or should you swing fast and what really does that mean. With the use of 3d force plates and launch monitors Mark talks about creating more golf ball speed on your golf shots with a better use of the energy that you put into the golf swing. Making sure your golf swing works with the driver and irons and in a way that allows you to hit the golf ball longer and straighter will allow you to find your lowest golf scores and lower your golf handicaps.

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angrybuzzy says:

Right on, you brilliant bloke!

freeforall64 says:

Mark, that was one of the most intelligent golf swing (instructional) videos I have ever watched. When I watch my swing on video, it looks like I am swinging in slow motion and when I try to swing out of my shoes, all I see is an unbalanced swing. Like you, I don't get more out of it, I just put more into it. I would love to get more efficient, but I also feel like I could add more speed throughout the swing to gain more speed as well.

LetsGoBrandon says:

2nd was better

Fraser Weir says:

I’ve paused I reckon more ground use on one but faster hands on two

Daveyboy K says:

"Make me longer"
Just catching up to this video now, Mark. It makes sense to me. I've seen this myself with an inexpensive launch monitor. Working on identifying and fixing power leaks isn't easy but is rewarding and takes time. Enjoy watching your channel.

Mr. Walker says:

I like these ideas. Correct sequencing and correct applications of forces works. Bravo. Let me also add, it is also probably helpful to measure swing speed and distance to validate(or invalidate) swing thoughts and feels.

majorsmythe1 says:

Lessons are vital BEFORE fitting. Why would you get fit, if your swing is not repeatable?

Andy M says:

One of your best videos since the early days.

Paul Carter says:

Make me longer…or make me swing efficient.

Glyn Taylor-Williams says:

I have no idea what you meant by this even after watching the video.

Luke Murphy says:

"Make me longer" this concept is very valuable. I've been doing superspeed training and have definitely found that getting my positions/swing sequence in good order produce more speed than the swings when I just feel like I'm swinging as hard as I can. Great video, Mark! Really crushing the content lately!

Mike Smith says:

Make me longer, I've been doing flexibility lately and it's crazy the neurological standpoint behind each of your muscles firing on its own…vs the downswing where you might just use one set of muscles. So far my SS is higher than it's been in awhile and I'm anxious to do more testing. I know I have leaks, and will have cameras soon to view my issues. My in-to-out really helps, but I can't always get the face aligned so my dispersion is ehhh.

Rocket Roy says:

Great to hear some intelligent insights into the swing. Keep it coming.

Andreas Beschorner says:

“Make me longer”, guess I am late, but I vote for number two. More harmony in there, no rapid swing action.

Sam September says:

The Tony Robinson of golf

Todd Pope says:

I would kill to either of those swings.

Shakester71 says:

When I was a 15 handicap many years back, one swing completely changed my game. I was in between clubs with 170 yard to the pin. My 7i maxes out at 165 and my 6i is my 180 club. I took my 6 and took an easy swing to get it as close to 170 as I can. I ended up carrying it 190 and flew it well over the green. It was that light bulb moment for me. The easier I swung, the more my hands stayed back creating tons of lag. I started doing that with all my clubs and have worked my way down to a 2 handicap. Distance isn’t my issue. If only I can hit it straight.

T SC says:

I don’t see anyone advertising their lessons with a launch monitor to measure this stuff. Surely it’s a business opportunity for those teaching Pros.

blackjackcz says:

Swing 2 a bit faster

blackjackcz says:

Swing 2 a bit faster

Pat Dorsman says:

1 looked faster

Ronnie says:

great stuff as always .. thanks mark

Joel Crow says:

Yeah we all have that friend who's like 5'2 125lbs and absolutely murders drives past us huge dudes…of course mine is my wife, but the point is the same. Smooth speed saves swings!

andrewcpham says:

2 is faster

Carl Thompson says:

This is me all over …. being stuck from the inside

Mike Gannon says:

Mark, as Yaz and the Plastic Population would of said "THE ONLY WAY IS UP" , whatever position you want your club to be travelling at its fastest (impact), your body needs to be going in the opposite direction, but don't be confused by path direction, its its centrifugal force we are talking about, this needs to explained more clearly if possible, ball on a string stuff

Luke Greig says:

Great vid mark ! When’s the results of the speed training coming out with you guys ?

Stefan Arvidsson says:

Or maybe a new shaft 🤣🤣🤣

Media Solutions says:

Great video Mark, lesson learnt, "less is more"

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