Swing SLOWER but hit the golf ball FURTHER – Every golfer NEEDS this!!

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Many golfers want to swing slower but hit the golf ball further because they feel they have more control. In this video Ali shows you how by swinging slower you can increase ball speed and so hit the ball further.

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79viewer says:

It’s hard to get used to turning the wrists during the backswing. I tried and yes it works but it’s super uncomfortable and eventually went back to my old swing. Too much thought trying to remember to turn the wrists

Mitch Qumstein says:

You are a good ball striker, brother!

Guitar Talk says:

Why not just switch to the 6 iron, rather than making those changes to you swing?

Peter Clements says:

As a new golfer in my 60’s I find your “swing slower go further” videos very helpful. Keep it up.

Jimmy Hurley says:

Was eager to try this at the range today because I’ve been hitting a weak fade with all of my clubs the last month or so. I actually thought I was losing distance due to my age.
This truly did help with contact and hence distance. I was hitting a pulled draw shot early which I’ve been known to do. Yet, I was able to straighten out.
I also didn’t get near as tired. I wanted to keep hitting balls. Gonna rush to range again tomorrow and next few days in preparation for a round with some coworkers next week.
I’m very excited. I’ve tried other tips from videos to shallow out the club but something about this teaching related to me. Thx for the teaching

George Mazuran says:

Hi Ali , great video’s mate, I’m a returning senior golfer with stuffed back from down under Australian. Can you get coached from you with videos.

Trevor Cake says:

Hi. I followed your video on Not looking at the ball when using irons, hybrids and fairway woods. I played the following weekend in a competition with around 25 others and won. My handicap is 32. I was hitting my 3 Wood sweetly. Many thanks for your video.

Brad Nakano says:

How do you prevent hitting the ball massively left, or non-lofted shots when you close the club face that much?

ShukriAmin says:

I watch this video yesterday. Went to range today. Bloody hell it works! This also fix some slice shots!

martin perez says:

What type of club are you hitting with. Taylormade 7 iron?

Daniel Shortall says:

Great video,any chance you can do one on blocking/pushing straight right,most videos these days are about hook or slice,many thanks

Shani Bull says:

A slomo would be useful. Good session though

Anthony Zlahtic says:

Ali, you break things down so nicely and in small increments. This video plus the ones that explain how to strike the turf after the ball are must watches and the best I have seen on YouTube… Thank you

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