Swing SLOWER but hit your DRIVER FARTHER. Every golfers wants this!!

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Would you like to swing slower but hit your driver farther? Surely every golfer wants this but you can only achieve this by being more efficient with your driver delivery. In this video Ali will show you just how to do this.

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Bob says:

you don't need to swing fast you need to use good timing along with the right swing moves, distance and accuracy will be delivered

Tee Off says:

What helps me is having a good setup with a little tilt and making sure to bow my wrist on the back swing and just rotate through swinging outwards. I no longer slice usually a straight or draw and my misses are occasional hooks(usually the cause of an out to in swing).

Michael Hotrum says:

Hey Ali- Great lesson- Quick question, Are you setting up your address off inside of your left heel or more forward? I always set up on inside my left heel.

K Terlau says:

Another great program Ali. Be well.

John Pietrolaj says:

Awesome lesson. I'm going to try it. First time viewer and I just subscribed!

Jason Velez says:

Very good practice drill to gain awareness of center face contact, weight of the club, tempo, and timing. In game play, it is dangerous to think ‘slow’ with the driver… slow can = deceleration which is the kiss of death off the tee… get the kinematic sequence nailed and you can let it rip with “controlled fury” … i used to think smooth off the tee was steering the ball…

The Amateur Golfer UK says:

Would love to do some testing with you on this !

Robert Hudson says:

Great tips mate. Made a lot of sense! Thanks.

mystical being89 says:

i should be hitting 300 yards then

Jonathan Hawkins says:

I've had quite a lot of lessons over the years and would recommend to people to slow down a bit without losing rhythm, the problem with swinging too quick your body can't turn quick enough through impact and all sorts of problems occur

Michael Singh says:

Good tip on the hitting up on the ball, I also fall victim of trying to hit too up on the ball

T Beck says:

Dude that is impossible. I swing 20 mph faster and mishit it with driver.

Daryl Hoskins says:

Sir I’m 64 years old , Baseball Softball player till gave up game at 43 , have had 6 surgery’s on Left knee , Total knee Replacement and 2 revisions , still not right , still swing over 100MPH but swing too hard hitting Balloon shots very high and Ball will hit fairway and back up 2 3’ not good or swipe across and high right , not good , swing so hard will walk front Leg or jerkLeg Left withKee pain no Balance ! Am Going to attempt this Drill ,,Hoping ! Thank You for your time and Drills , sincerely busted up Yank!

Gareth Jackson says:

New subscriber Ali and got through a few of your videos yesterday. Love this video, looking forward to trying it in practice as makes so much sense. As a low handicapper who does struggle with the driver sometimes it often sometimes spills over into my 3 wood – would a similar drill apply and help?

Buddha Tbay says:

I'd kill to mishit a driver and get 230 yards down the middle of the fairway…heh heh… I know one has to swing upwards to optimize the driver. I've tried teeing the ball high, however, the only thing I get is idiot marks on my driver because I come down on the ball. I've tried every other drill to increase my driver distance….might as well give this a shot. Thanks for the video.

jeff bates says:

Great video

Ken Kohl says:

As a septuagenarian, I am coming to terms that my high-end speed isn’t that high. The impact efficiency seems to be a logical, doable approach for me. Thanks.

Rob S says:

Inb4 all the "further" vs. "farther" comments 😂

Mac Anjus says:

Makes a lot of sense I need to try

Reid Sist⭐️rs says:

Tell me your not copying this loon??

dks123ify says:

When you say you like to see golfers using the orange tee, how far in the ground do you stick the tees ?

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