TAYLORMADE M4 OR CALLAWAY ROGUE DRIVER. Mark Crossfield hits the Callaway Rogue driver and with the help of Dan we compare it to the Taylormade M4 driver. See what we make of these two golf clubs and if we see any difference in performance and distance from these two golf drivers. The TaylorMade M4 driver features TwistFace technology where the Callaway is in its second generations of JailBreak. When it comes to buying a new driver for your golf game make sure you get fit and always test the clubs for the best driver for your golf game.

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  1. Been saying it for years, it is all preference and feel. I am in the market for new clubs, been using Callaway for 20 years. I was in the local shop swinging TM, Ping, Titleist and Callaway. I was absolutely hammering the Ping G400max and it felt the best. When it was all said and done everything was within 8-12 yards, which isn't a massive difference. The Ping felt the best without a doubt, Callaway was a close 2nd.

  2. Love that Even Flow shaft that you guys had in the Rogue! Wish you had the same shaft in both clubs to make a perfectly equal comparison… But either way. I really don't think it matters and all drivers are pretty awesome these days.

  3. The Rogue is an unbelievable driver. It is hot off the face and extremely long with forgiveness. I was fitted for the 917 D2, but just didn’t feel comfortable hitting it. I traded it for the Rogue without even getting fitted. Standard 9 degree w/evenflow blue 75 gram stiff shaft. It’s the best driver I’ve ever owned.

  4. I have recently purchased a Callaway Rogue based on your and others reviews. The name and looks of the club sells them really, the performance numbers completes the deal. I think every golfer wants consistency rather than distance and if it gives me this I will be a happy man. I have the Taylormade R9 which delivers some good results but Im hoping the change will be good for me.

  5. Having watched you for 5 years now, I know you hit driver straight, that twist face m4 is just a weird name to sell it, personally think it's bollox

  6. Dude rogue is a much better name then epic epic is just cheesy and almost everyone hated the name now everyone is liking the name rogue thats a great name it caught me just from hearing rogue its a much much much much better name I think thats the only thing you got wrong in this video I agree with your views on the taylormade twist face lol

  7. The SLDR gave distance improvement and since then manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon re SLDR technology.
    Within 2 yrs of the SLDR there has been no club produced that increases distance it is all simply marketing.
    The twist face could possibly be an improvement for some, a step back for others.
    The only reason to change any driver less than 10yr old is because you have lost confidence in your driver, you want to keep up with the Jones's, your current driver looks shabby, you have too much cash to burn.

  8. Its called "Rogue" because "Un-Flippin-Believable" wont fit… M1, M2, now M3, M4 whats next …. M5?..YAWN …get original TM cmon !! MARK – do A 3 Wood vs Drivers compare vid , all out I think some 3 woods out perform drivers or at least match !!!

  9. In the M3 and M4 drivers hammer head technology is not new to them it is an old technology that was used by their sister brand Adams Golf in their last go round with drivers. That being said Taylormade makes some solid golf clubs and they perform well. They look good they sound good, but just don't stack up to all the hype they advertise.

  10. What about the shafts. Rogue your playing the evenflow (perhaps a better shaft for the stronger players…you two boys).
    The m4 shaft is likely softer.
    The m4 is available with the evenflow….stick that in and then compare.
    Like the on course reviews

  11. My experience with twist face is that it favors a fader. Shots out of the heel side seem to come out very straight, low and screaming. I've hit a few rubbish drives that were pretty much as good as a good one. If I'm trying to cut it just a bit and miss it toe side it seems to come out left and try to stay relatively straight. My miss on cut swings seem to mostly come out relatively straight and the miss hits are usually just high and stinky out of the right side of the face. The one bad miss is when I try to draw the ball and get stuck under. That underplane, open face miss has a nasty gear affect and really dive bombs left with not nearly enough spin to stay in the air. Just for reference, I'm off 1, with a m3 460 one weight all the way foward and 1 in the draw side of the year track. 8.5* clocked down 2 clicks to lower so probably around 7.2, and it's shafted with a fubuki alpha 70x. So far I really see no categorical improvement over the m1 2017. The m3 actually seems to launch the ball higher than the m1 17, but it does spin it slightly less. My biggest issue is visually, as you take loft off of the head, with the combination of twist face, the club head called really look open at address, and if you sole the driver, it wants to fan open. I do like the 2017 m1 sound better.

  12. I feel that many of your reviews are quite vague. I would like to see numbers in your reviews, like a range from 1-10 or something like that.

  13. Would be interesting to see a video about how much better people hit their driver since the adjustable hosel appeared on the market?

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