The BEST Driver FITTING of 2024… But WHICH Driver WINS!!

The BEST Driver FITTING of 2024… But WHICH Driver WINS!! – He finally has the NEW Driver but what will be the driver of choice? He GAINED 80 yards from the shaft how much more can he gain?!

If you are looking at getting fitted make sure to check out the guys at SGGT

13 thoughts on “The BEST Driver FITTING of 2024… But WHICH Driver WINS!!

  1. Cut into a taylormade stealth and you know what it had no special bridge insert, 70% plastic, people are getting ripped off, most driver's that pros use are definitely not from the store, so watch out, my taylormade M2 2016 goes just as far and as forgiving as the stealth, buyer beware save your money and stick with what you have, the only difference it the face of most new so called top of the range driver's, to be honest most of these videos are just the users opinions, (this driver compared to that driver reviews are just personal preference) 2016 compared to 2024 not much has changed in shape and feel.
    Sorry to be slightly negative but player A preference might be cobra and player B preference titlist and so on, so opinions are very different and when people don't get to try 100 drivers, how do us normal golfers get to try numerous brands, so reviews are so controversial and somewhat not reality to the average golfer.
    I know someone who worked in a certain brand and the materials for the completed head what £40 shocking

  2. Love seeing ‘Relatable Dave’ on your channel, Chris, with a fantastic couple of videos. I recently got fitted for a new driver, a process that I thought was pretty thorough, but this was on another level. Great insights.

  3. I have my fitting Thursday at 2pm, hope I see gains as well as Dave. Currently playing a ping g I bought second hand when the new g400 came out. Travelling from Lincoln ????

  4. PXG is the best driver for custom fit by miles with the weight and sleeve setup, shame I assume SGGT dont stock PXG as the black ops seem to have much more ball speed than previous gen drivers, infact Im sure the Gen5 head came nearly last for ball speed on the Mygolfspy test last year.

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