THE BEST FORGIVING GOLF CLUBS FOR MID/HIGH HANDICAP GOLFERS OF 2020!? My best videos are the ones that golfers can relate to. The Mid handicap golf club reviews, high handicap golf clubs, the top 5 forgiving golf clubs for mid to high handicap golfers. Well in this video I've put a full bag together, a full set of golf clubs. What is the best set of golf clubs for mid handicap golfers? the best set of golf clubs for high handicap golfers? does it include Ping golf clubs? Callaway Golf clubs? Taylormade golf clubs? Titleist golf clubs? maybe Mizuno golf clubs? and not forgetting cobra golf clubs, lets find out… and let's do it now!


  1. Love your videos… especially with Foxy… relatable as I am a high handicapped golfer… moving into my 2nd year and love my 921 hot metals

  2. I disagree with the wedges. As a high handicapper, I did a wedge fitting and found the Cleveland cbx2's to be best for me. I tried the Callaway and Mizuno. The cbx2 was almost like a magic wand compared to the others. I agree with your hybrid choice, I use a cobra f7 now and I hit it super well. Those bafflers inspire so much confidence. But I also use the f7 woods and love them. I have chosen the M CGB TM irons, and I'm still on the fence with them. I would like to do an iron fitting in the future. But my strike is so poor with irons it probably doesn't matter what I use. I chose the cobra F9 speedback for a driver cause I got it after the SZ extreme came out and it was super cheap. But I really wanted the SZ extreme. Now I want the Radspeed xB. The F9 isn't bad, I just need lessons to eliminate my slice.

  3. Cracking advice mate. I think a lot more people would enjoy their golf better and improve faster if they tailored their bags to their own strengths and opportunities for improvement than doing it the other way round. Love to see the 18 hole score with that set too.

  4. "James im here" and i belive this woulc make a huge impact in my bag because with my irons im using 20 year old knock of irons so this would be pretty nice

  5. I'm stuck….I enjoyed the video, but I just remembered I don't have $2500 dollars to buy all this. These youtube guys that get all their clubs free seem to forget that one small little detail.

  6. James I’m here…and I stuck lol. Thanks for all your great videos! ????I would love to receive these clubs and then do a review video back to you as a follow up! ???? Thanks man! Keep up the great work!

  7. I play the 'most' forgiving clubs……Nike Sumo w/shafts from years ago. YES I have a 9/7 Taylormade woods (20 years old) then drop to the 6iron. I play the Cobra FMax driver. At the age of 59 with a swing speed of 85 I manage to have a 12.6hcp from the white tees. If I could putt I'd be single digit. However you are only as good as you game is from 100yrds in. I do not hit on the range more than once a week. And I mange to beat most guys that drive over 275.

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