The BEST GOLF CLUBS ever made…..

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The BEST GOLF CLUBS ever made…..
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►Video description-
In this video Rick Shiels PGA golf professional teams up with Golfbidder to build a set of the best golf clubs ever!
Rick picks a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, irons, wedge and putter and then gets out to Clitheroe golf club in North West England to play some golf with the clubs. Rick will have some tough decisions to make, will he use golf clubs from Callaway Golf, TaylorMade Golf, Titleist Golf, Mizuno Golf, Ping Golf, Cleveland Golf, Srixon Golf, Cobra Golf, Nike Golf, Wilson Golf, Odyssey Golf or even a Scotty Cameron putter?
These golf clubs may not promise to fix your golf slice, stop hooking the golf ball or even hit the golf ball further. However the clubs that Rick has chosen have all had a massive influence on modern golf. For more information about Golfbidder visit


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

What do you think is the best club ever made?

Xi An 2ri says:

Just bought this big bertha from used club golf shops for 3 dollars.

J. Robert Becker says:

Borrowed a friend's when the BB driver first came out and hit the first 250 yard drive in my life.

T G says:

I’m so glad my hobby is Firearms and not… this.

Oliver Carpenter says:

I had the 3 wood in the bag until about 3 years ago when the whole set was stolen. It sat next to a Taylormade M1 driver, 714MB Irons, Vokeys and a Del Mar. It looked so out of place but it did more than hold its own. Great club

paul perkins says:

I ried the new Ping Driver today, Aug. 17, 2021 and it was only 4 yards farther than my Biggest Big Bertha. drive which I brought to the Pro Shop. for comparison purposes. "It is the fidler, not the fiddle." Harvey Penick…

James Hoffman says:

Xr16 pro 450cc 9.5 draw setting. I can carry over 300 with it. Club speed is tremendous.

Devin Ferreira says:

yes I have the odyssey 2 ball putter. will keep it forever.

Jay Martin says:

Is there a video of an all stars bag like this vs a cheap “secret” cobra etc set of clubs?

Mdrnsamurai says:

What did we learn?? Golf is all about the swing!!! Not the fancy marketing nonsense. I can still hit my TaylorMade 300ti just as far as most of the new drivers today…

Thomas Shanahan says:

Just bought a 2000 callaway big bertha 3 wood and it is 100% my favourite club with a 3 wood im usually hitting around 250-260 yards but with big bertha ive been hitting close to 290 i absolutely love it

Barrie Fitzgerald says:

I have one right now

Joe Beyer says:

I have two two ball and a three ball, love the three ball I still use it, deadly accurate

Ray says:

No. I had the odyssey white hot blade.

Tim Napier Bass Jams says:

Late to the party on this video but I’m still using my Odyssey 2-ball centre shaft putter. I’ve had it about 12 years now and it’s still amazing!

Mark Hanusin says:

Always carry my Odyssey 2 balloon it.

Aaron Tadd says:

I still use Big Bertha head covers on my clubs, just love the way they look.

M D says:

Is it weird that I just purchased that same driver shown in the beginning under 40 bucks!?

Stick NOJ says:

Still have my 2 ball in the bag…Love it…

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