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The BEST GOLF IRONS for a mid handicap golf or maybe any golfer. Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey have done a golf iron review to find out what the best golf irons for a mid handicap are. They are testing all the top golf brands including, Titleist golf, Callaway golf, Srixon golf, Taylormade golf, Cobra golf, Mizuno golf and of course Ping Golf. Which irons are the best golf irons to help your game, help your golf swing and improve your golf scores. Talking looks, feels, dry ball data and strokes gains number, is there a stand out iron in this category and are these irons suitable for any golfer? Enjoy the video.

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Steve Stigall says:

Ok that was no help gentlemen!! Make a decision broski

Charles Fitzgerald says:

We’re there any stand out as to accuracy , That’s the one I would pick

Ben Mazurak says:

Titelist for me , can't beat the looks and the solid feel.

Nick Difulvio says:

What a tool he didn’t even pick a club?

Lamont T says:

Clean those clubs bruuuh great video!!

Jonny D says:

“Lockey is tight” gotta rock the Mizuno’s or if you tested the Wilson staff cb’s

Jim Aldridge says:

All of these irons are great clubs. Everyone is different so plenty of options to choose from. I personally like Titleist because the looks and feel suit ME!

Joe Willis says:

JPX921 Tour.

Prentice Jones says:

Sounds like we have some Cobra haters

Keith Moreland says:

Honma and Wilson would have been great in this.

Matthew Wallach says:

Question- I have a friend who wants to pay me $500 for my used Callaway Rogue X. Should I do it and upgrade to the Callaway Mavrik irons?

Pablo Escobar says:

Hogan PTX pro ?
Great looks, great price.
Blend well with Hogan Icon blades.

Windjack Health & Fitness says:

You swing a lot like my mentor, 8 time PGA tour winner, the late Canadian George Knudson; and that is saying a lot!

Mj says:

Those clubs don’t seem to be for my idea of a mid handicapper, I’m a 15 and would never play most of these. Only 4.6 % of golfers are a 10 handicapper or less

PAUL H.S says:

Hi Mark. what are the white stickers for on the face of the club ? And do we if brought a set do we leave them on or remove them ?

Ben Wintermute says:

Fitted and fell in love with the P7MC. Feel was incredible, gave me the little extra yardage I wanted without sacrificing anything. My top iron of 2021 an went in with a yolo budged. #2 was Epon, 3 Mizuno MP20 MMC

Todd Little says:

Muzie all the way

Dustin Quick says:

Test on PXG 0311 gen 3 irons, plz.

Wes Boothe says:

It’s so apparent that you have no love for Taylormade

IR Bose says:

I understand removing the 3 iron but what were they thinking removing the 4 iron. I won’t buy any of these clubs bc they don’t include a 4 iron.

PolarSeltzer says:

Test the Hogan’s please

Brad Smith says:


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