The Clinching Putt: 2018 Masters Champion Patrick Reed

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24 Lancelot says:

Tiger didn't win? Wait…I thought…he was back. <snicker snicker>

webslinger48 says:

Looks like his forehead could use a little sun.

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

Well done!
Great champion

ShuanTheCritic says:

He’s a monster for what he did to his family. I’m never watching golf again

Alfonso Almaraz says:

We all wanted a playoff hole between Reed and Fowler…. its a shame. Great victory Patrick Reed, that s what i call manage the pressure.

Kyle N says:

You all loved this guy in the Ryder Cup, now you bash him because he cheated on some college scores? You would have been fine if Tiger would have won though.

big worm says:

One hit wonder

Daniel Heyward says:

Like him or not this guy can play.

Dan Kiniry says:

Look at all the haters below. Tough S..t. Patrick's the Masters Champ.

John C says:

For someone "unpopular" there certainly are lots of cheers and applaud,,,congrats Patrick !

Robert Hoffman says:

Tepid. Tepid applause

frog2210 IF says:

Embarrassingly low amount of applause.

Max Mustermann says:

I dont know why, but i dont like him… And i think also the fans at augusta want an other winner…

Charlie Hawtree says:

I hope nobody leaves their Scotty Cameron or any cash in the locker room. He'll have the putter on Ebay before you can say, "this is my ball on the fairway, it's not that one in the deep rough".

King G says:

This is heartbreaking

JGally says:

Rory went from looking 21 years old in 2014 to now looking 45 years old… some stressful golf games!

Brent Kelly says:

how exactly does a player who comes up 20 feet short on a 40 foot putt/chip 3 weeks ago while going for a win, now have the talent to win at the masters???

Benoit desjardins says:

Well, congrats!!! Definitely top 5 now πŸ™‚

Lloyd Bonafide says:


Eoghan Cullen says:

I really don't get all the hate for Patrick reed. Seems a bit unfair/petty to hate him for stupid stuff he did when he was a kid in college.
The people who hate him for that are probably all the same people who happily brush all of tigers transgressions under the carpet.
I like him cause he's gutsy and he's got a bit of attitude.

Dean Martin says:

I really hope that Rory one year wins the masters

Mark Power says:

Reed was steeped, but he held himself together. Bank held his ball, and the hole saved him on the chip, wuda went 40ft past , If Rahm had his luck today , wuda went close….

Jaime Resendiz says:

Catch me up please. Why so much hate towards this dude?

George McChef says:

why no one like him?

Leo Hurley says:

Classy words from Rickie Fowler, top bloke.

Toxic Ghost says:

Congrats pat

coffeefish says:

Great win Patrick Reed!

zero says:

That was a fine exhibition of skills and temperament with a nail biting finish. Congratulations Patrick Reed !

Yippie the Back-Flipping Dog says:

I still hate Sergio more.

pete 1 says:

Purple revolution , welcome to new age , how ovious

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