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In an effort to control things with our golf swing I see very often that the backswing ends up being a slow and very deliberate movement.

Try and sign your signature very slowly and that's analogous to what slowing down your backswing is doing to your movement.

Remember that force precedes motion so in going to those all important ground reaction forces in our golf swing (before we've even began to swing the club back) will help to generate a smooth, more up beat and reactionary golf swing.

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Marcus Bell is a registered exercise professional and sports bio-mechanist but any exercises recommended or suggested in this video are performed purely at the individual's own risk.


SLM McGee says:

This kind of excellent understanding and teaching of biomechanics is finally seeping into more facets of golf instruction thanks to folks like Marcus (there are others I could name but don't want to coopt Marcus' channel). Shifting my perspective to the golf swing always being in motion completely changed my game a couple of years ago. At this point, it's mostly about being obsessive about fundamentals for me (grip, posture, ball position, aim, and especially shoulder alignment) and short game work.

Tony Scene says:

this is Dr kwon drill..

Sethro TV says:

Saw Rory saying this the other day in an amateur lesson setting

John White says:

Marcus great video. I gave up golf for 12 years and I am trying to get back into it . My playing partners used to tell my I swung faster than my shadow. Hit it dead straight and long enough. I am now 70 yo. And hit my drive 250 yards. Dont need more than that

Fred The Swede says:

As an handball overhand throwing coach its great you combine the golf swing with the old boring throwing mechanics! I can relate to this, not however the stationary Leadbetter videos! Great work !

Ryan Davies says:

Awesome video I’ve been trying this and my ball striking seems to be the best it’s ever been ball then turf, the feeling like I’m getting taller and not purposely moving the arms in the back swing feels so natural and relaxed 👍🏻

Craig Fox says:

That club twirl

Daniel Edser says:

It's like this video was made for me 🤣 The Gary Player right knee trigger to forward press to trigger seems to be working so far for me!

colin daly says:

When extending in the backswing, this automatically loads the trails hip?

gtflyer says:

The forward press is by far the best movement for me. If I don't utilize a forward press, I lose not only distance, but the quality of my swing suffers a bit.

Richard Smith says:

You always make it sound so very simple Marcus but the second we stand over that ball like you have said far too many thoughts into the mind and before you know it you’ve shanked it or hooked it or duffed it about 20 yards. My rounds are so inconsistent if my driver is good my second shot is horrendous if I do a good shot into a green my put is nowhere near I just can’t seem to get it all under control for a full round and it is so frustrating

Frostt says:

Loose control to gain control! Become unaware to be more aware. Feel isn’t real they say.
Ermmm yes it is we just are disconnected from natural momentum… we are trying to control every inch of the swing rather than let the club swing us. Feel the weight of the club people. Stop with the insanity. Go throw some clubs into a net, you must feel how the club wants to release us not vice versa

dennis lattimore says:

another great video! what type of grip pressure are you applying?

Al Newsom says:

Love it Marcus! In this past year you have influenced my golf swing positively more than any instructor I know. Wish I was in your country to come visit. Thanks a ton!

RoadToScratchGolf says:

Marcus, great advice and explanation of how to start your swing and the all important “why.”

Jim Shigster says:

I have purchased the GRF SYSTEM but have lost the training video. Could you please send me the link?

Allan Mannion says:

Another great video, I’ve tried all your drills on YouTube, but always seem to have same habit, were as my wrist collapse and I hit a low hook, would be great full if you could give any tips to help this.🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️🤞

High Fly Films says:

I've quoted you to a few people, 'you need to loose control of the arms to gain control of the swing'
Eaisier said than done 😂😂😂
Ive used my arms to much in golf since I was a kid till I found u. I'm getting there but the arms keep creaping back into it and legs go quiet so this is yet another good vid for me to go and try out.
I'm cusping, if that's the correct phrase.. It's like cod, I know I'm about to level up but I can't find the last piece of the puzzle 🏌️‍♀️

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