The Masters – Augusta National Wed. Practice Round

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Augusta National – The Masters behind the scenes for those that have never been to this great event. Shot in Augusta, GA and the Wed. practice round for the Masters. Be sure to catch all of the great coverage this weekend. Happy Easter.


Kevin Velez says:

im lucky I work there, no long lines, access to almost anywhere on the
course and free food.

Eric Odom says:

Christel was homeless and hot. She’s homeless hot!

Jason Cordes says:

I normally won’t watch other peoples videos, but this was really fun and
well spoken. Enjoyed it very much

pve6917 says:

Many people get to the course first thing in the AM and will walk the
course – eat the food and buy some Masters gear and hit the road. Usually
those that have been there many times before and only on the practice
rounds. The weekends are only for those with badges and they must be
returned to the owners and the badge owners never give them away.

nscweVIDEOS says:

That is awesome dude. My Dad, and I were there the day Be4 and we got
parking 4 free. I loved the Pomento and Cheese, very good Sandwiches. Im
going 2 try and go back in 2009

jaydubya10 says:

great post, i didn’t realize the course was so hilly

mikee1uk says:

great vid appreciate your post and the time you’ve taken to give an insight
into the spectators viewpoint!

pve6917 says:

You can only take a camera and or video camera in on practice rounds. Thurs
– Sunday no cameras at all. My battery died as I could have gotten some
good footage at the par three as well as close ups of Tiger, Phil, Jack,
Gary Player and Arnold. Maybe next year.

RochesterHillsTV says:

Mmmmm, hand-made pimento cheese sandwiches. Worth the 12 hour drive from

taylorcowden says:

I live in Augusta and I think its funny how everyone from out of town calls
it Washington Ave. It’s really Washington Rd. I go to the Masters every
year and it really is a privelage to be able to step onto that course and
you can get tickets for cheap you just have to know how to get them. I get
practice rounds for free every year.

simpsvt97 says:

Nice video. I live in Middle Ga. I’m glad that you did show that Augusta
National isn’t in some secluded country club type area. Its right on a big
highway. Most people I’ve met and talked with don’t know that.

pve6917 says:

I heard some kids trying to sell them between $100 and $200 for Wed
practice rounds but the longer the day went on the cheaper the tickets
were. You can also get someones ticket for free if you find someone leaving
early and still get in a see everything.

brendomatic1 says:

Looks like an amusement park.

ballsacman says:

nice video.

16bigred says:

fantastic post. Thanks alot for posting this. im 16, i love golf and my
favorite course is honestly Augusta National. this is really enlightening.
thanks man. i give you 6 or 7 out of 5 🙂

itubeutude says:

who would go and leave early?

golfmaniac007 says:

nice video. thanks for posting! enjoyed it …it felt like i was there
myself. i would of probably grab a few of those sandwiches at $1.50

td10000 says:

excellent video!

ballsacman says:

this is one of the coolest videos on youtube

pve6917 says:

I personally do not go Thurs – Sun as I hate to miss any of the action from
being there. I much prefer the practice rounds but everyone is different.
If you want some of the photos from that I would be happy to email them to
you as well.

simpsvt97 says:

yea…its pretty hilly…you cant really tell on tv but if you go…you
learn real quick..haha

Duncan R says:

Patrick – Thanks for taking the time and providing the video. Great fix for
those that are still talking about the tournament on Monday. What does it
cost to go Thursday through Sunday?

pve6917 says:

Thanks for the compliment – my darn video camera died and did not get near
what I wanted to get and my editing skills are not the best but glad to
share what I got – have a great masters weekend

itubeutude says:

thanks for the vid. how much are those guys outise the gates charging for
the practice tickets?

pve6917 says:

All of the actual tickets including badges are cheap if you get them from
Augusta but the challenge is just getting them. All of the badges have been
spoken for for years and you either need to know someone and or get them on
ticket services and or eBay but they are very very expensive. The practice
round tickets from Augusta which is a drawing each year are only $20 or so
the badges are only around $50 – it is not the money for Augusta.

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