The Masters: My First Time At Augusta National

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Celebrities and PGA Tour players discuss their first trip to Augusta National, and what makes it the most revered venue in golf.

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The Masters: My First Time At Augusta National

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Baru45fR says:

Why did Jim Nance have to play a round ? I don't get it.

Eric Stenzel says:

Keep tryin' Wahlberg. But you'll never get pardoned.

Gearedup Tiger65 says:

love my city

grecohungary daz says:

love soccer

Pharaoh Bhang says:

Going this April. Can't wait! It's been a lifelong dream. I've been to The Players several times and to the '07 and '16 US Opens, but The Masters always seemed out of reach until this year.

Tom Perri says:

The actual members of the club are probably bored as shit with the course….

Matthew Langston says:

If you don't get chills at Nantz's voice reciting that line, you aren't a golf fan.

Jason Lee says:

Hey look. Wahlberg the racist at masters. How fitting.

Drk Viol801 says:

Fuck you Mark Wahlberg I can smell the north on you

newfielad47 says:

No  use for this guy at all. Only reason he was "good" was he had cement heads to protect him. He whined as a hockey player and cried like a bitch when he played ball. Cried everytime he had a strike call against him. I know someone who played against him in baseball and he said he was a cry baby. That hit on Gilmore was bullshit. He got away with it a knows it to this day! I can't stand him. "Embassador" pffft!!!! One uknown gave him a beautiful (CLEAN) hip check on the blue. He never played another game in the nhl.

chris cargle says:

I would give my right ball to play this beautiful course.

Jim Wilson says:

Give us a break. Who gives a monkey about what Mark Wahlberg has to say about the Masters.

terder123 says:

It's beautiful but the links causes in Britain are truly wonderful. This is where the game was born. This is where the real history of the game originated from. I think The Open Championship at any one of the venues are truly, naturally beautiful.

Nicholas Engelhardt says:

What the hell happens to Patrick Reed's mouth at 2:30

eddie lasowsky says:

The Open is the greatest tournament in Golf, by a distance.

grecohungary daz says:

Fucking boreing game

supercross junkie says:

Why on earth are you white trash peons even commenting. This doesn't include David Curtis he gets it.

bensum9111 says:

Sneaking onto the Augusta National is great.

Andrew Joseph says:

God jim nance is such a fag

baljit sandhu says:

one silly tournament that is so hyped about that is hard to not believe its great lol… cant they stop talking about the stupid driveway that leads to the clubhouse, lol..i feel other golf clubs should do a parody of this.

Michellemabelle Obamalamashoeshine says:

Still trying to get that felony pardoned, huh Markie-Mark?

Johan Swan says:

If you think this Master is great, wait until you meet the greatest Master of all either in this life or life after this life.

David Curtis says:

Heaven is The Masters!
David Curtis Drumming

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