The Masters Practice Day 1 2015

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James Daly says:

Legs are out

Kevin Haigh says:

Great stuff! Go Aussies!!!!!

MrKydaman says:

A truly immaculate course…….enjoy your Master’s adventure Mark!

brown55061 says:

Mark, how many people have recognized you from YT? Just curious how
annoying that part of it could be. Aren’t you allowed to record with a
smart phone or even camera during practice rounds? That’s what I’d like

Diego Diaz says:

But have you got the Jacket ???
And don’t get that O.B. Blockey any gifts !!!

Chewy V says:

Everytime I heard him say “Masters” I kept picturing Doctor Who 

Justin Mayo says:

Welcome to Georgia Mark!! I hear you like the southern hospitality!

Spencer Wideman says:

Thanks for sharing the experience. Greatest turf on earth. Have a great
time. Did Rory get you any tickets to Berckman’s Place?

Matt Vallance says:

Old “Frog Eyes” Crossfield. Shut your legs, mate.

itubeutude says:

Lucky boy. Been trying to get tickets to the masters for over 20 years.

mick mueller says:

Awesome, Mark. Great description. Thank you.

Darrell Ferguson says:

Thanks Mark That is cool I was love to see You Lockey,Buzzman,Pick,
Rory,Kev play it You just have to beg the golf Gods first!!

Chris I says:

Course looks AMAZING! The contours and slopes don’t come through so much on
television, or I hadn’t noticed them before. Great to see this through your
eyes. Thanks.

FmGeneration says:

Not their for the actually event?

prorobo says:

That intro had me in stitches. Brilliant!!!

Redline says:

It’s a very special place. I was able to take my dad to the Wednesday
practice day of 2012. The first moment you come in, is breathtaking.

patrik streng says:

It’s going to be an amazing competition with amazing players in an amazing

P-M Meiners says:

Thanks Mark, thanks Your Golf Travel. You are giving us some great inside
info on this amazing tournament. Looking forward to the rest.

Paul Reuten says:

did arnie not introduce himself to you yet? He’s likely nervous. Maybe luke
can get you some one on ones with some coaches.

marknic79 says:

Suns out legs out! Lovely chair by the way!

James Horan says:

Mark, Look up John Daly and his merchandise trailer outside the gate. Next
time you’ll see him is at St. Andrews (playing).

Paul Scheuer says:

Thanks for the great update! A friend of mine went one year and he said
that the slopes are overwhelming when you see them in person. TV doesn’t
adequately convey the severity and size of the inclines. Enjoy the rest of
your experience and keep the updates coming! More photos please and don’t
forget to have a pimento sandwich!

alan moore says:

Bet you slept good! So, how much did you spend in the shop? £350 was my

Gary Cassidy says:

I really only watch start to end 3 golf events, Ryder Cup, The British Open
and The Masters. Really looking forward to the competition starting, Who
are in your top 3???

Mark Woods says:

Hi Mark
Enjoy Augusta National. The course seemed surreal and I didn’t see one weed
along the entire course when I was there in 2008. Have a cold beer and
pimento sandwich for me.

Golfguy076 says:


Daniel McMaugh says:

Hey Mark, Sooooooo Jealousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Thanks for
taking the time to post the video…Can you get Tiger and others practicing
on video?

Johannes Riedl says:

The passion you display when talking about the masters almost makes me
jealous 😉
From the top of my head I can’t think about anything that I could talk
about with so much passion, except whenever I talk to someone about golf,
hahaha 😀
Joke aside, it’s amazing to hear you talk about it. I hope I will attend a
major or a RyderCup someday, just to experience something that special.

Steven says:

Welcome to Georgia, Mark! I’ve lived here all my life and loved golf about
the same, yet, I’ve never been to Augusta. I’m jealous. If you have time on
the way to the airport, if you’re going to Heartsfirld Jackson, I suggest
seeing if you can get into the Atlanta Athletic Club. I’ve been there a few
times and I went by when the PGA came by a couple years ago. There are tons
of public and private courses (in amazing shape) in the area as well. Hope
you’ll enjoy your time here! 

Joel Crow says:

Augusta is definitely one of those places that photos don’t do
justice…believe it or not! The grass is like a soft green carpet as far
as you can see. I literally walked barefooted the whole day I was there.

andy conn says:

but did you see jimenez?

Adam Boerger says:

Never thought you would be in my home state. Too bad I’m in south eastern
part. Hope you love it. 

David Mcfarland says:

Just hearing you comments made me feel the excitement of being there. It’s
on my list of must do trips. Enjoy your time there. By the way Mark we love
you here in the states.

Ben Alford says:

Glad you had a good time. I will be on the road early Thursday morning. 

Mark Burton says:

Just brilliant mark. Loved your child like enthusiasm. Just how we all
would be if we were there. Looking forward to the next one. 

supernom says:


thefinancialcrisis says:

What’s with the short shorts?

Bob Hillfield says:

Bugger!! Haha hope i get to go there someday enjoy!

J Hayes says:

So glad you are there Mark, and looking forward to your comments/reactions
to the whole event, from your new chair! Everyone I know who has been
fortunate enough to attend has simply raved about “the unforgettable
experience of a lifetime.” Like you, they all stated the course itself is
something they had never encountered before, claiming it was impossible to
describe accurately, that it simply must “be experienced in person.” Enjoy

robbie966 says:

Threw up in my mouth when I seen those bloody legs..

Rob Ayres says:

‘first cut’

Magix15 says:

Just awesome Mark and Yourgolftravel! Thanks for sharing the experience.
I’m hoping to go next year!

jonathan martin says:

If you’re at Lake Oconee…

Nick says:

its a lovely chair

SuperJupiter33 says:

must have been lockey & buzzman gave you the 2 thumbs down.

jppongo06 says:

Suns out guns out! Really liking these videos Mark, perhaps more video
footage would be a nice touch. Look forward to tomorrow’s one.

stumpyslvr says:

Thanks for the vlog.The place looks awesome and your insights really add
something to the up-coming tournament. 

3rdgroove says:

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy it!

IIIIlamboIIII says:


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