THE MASTERS – Recreating Phil Mickelson’s shot 13th hole at Augusta

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►Ok, so this may or may not have gone so well… Carter tries to recreate Phil Mickelson's famous 2nd shot from the pines on the 13th hole of Augusta in the 2010 Masters!!
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Tommie Thatcher says:

Quality ??

Ruud Schrijvers says:

OK, Phil beats you. But hé, that’s no shame. It would if I would beat you ?

Adam Flynn says:

Think he had a bit less room between those trees though m8 ?

Malcolm A. says:

Great vlog Andy; loved it! Wouldn't mind seeing you recreating other great shots from the Majors.
One small point, as much as I love The Masters, The Open is still tops.

BeachBow says:

Should have tried it left handed! LOL!

Nigel Stubbs says:

Should have played it left handed ?

Mark Vickers says:

Gotta disagree with you The Open is the best.

Jay Chung says:

??? glove drop walk-off. Classic ????

Mike Ferrannini says:

I will say this Carter…Phil had the advantage here because he was in the midst of the battle and had everything going forward for him already including intensity….focus and adrenaline…you did not have that going for you.

Howie Land says:

What, no Tin Cup moment? 🙂

Mike Ferrannini says:


B2B Bogey says:

But these are not real trees..and your hitting in left of tree and not right of it being a right hand player?

Kevlar Ellidho says:

Nice try! Thought you were going to bump in to the fake trees with walk off haha

Gerard Funds says:

Tough shot!! Fair play to you for trying it!! Lol

JustSleepin61 says:

Fine effort 🙂

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