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THE MASTERS SWAG OFF featuring Mark Crossfield, Coach Lockey and Rory from YourGolfTravel. Who has picked the best swag from their day at Augusta National and The 2017 Masters. You choose and let us know what item of sag you would want and why and who has the best collection of swag.


scott crockett says:

Bag tag and the grip for the win!

MIke Fox says:

marks daughters hat.

Tony Atkinson says:

Best Item is the T shirt but Locks wins on the whole swag. Mark only getting one present what about the other two!!!

Domino Effect says:

The shirt from Mark's bag, putter grip from Coach's and the bag tag & towel from Rory's. Overall the putter grip makes Coach's bag the winner.

Andrew Harries says:

coach lockey with the putter grip 2 hats and sets of ball markers..

ian evans says:

lock has done yah.

nowfreddy says:

Flags and bag tag…cliche but classic

Andy CHASTAIN says:

this is easy…mark wins on the #swagathon. 🙂 thinking of the family.

Nathan Mortensen says:

You did it Lockey! Putter grip for sure! Closely Followed by the Bag Tag for me.

Mike ruiz says:

Love the money clip

Ryan Jurgens says:

Loki for the putter grip!

Matt Gomez says:

Overall winner is Coach but my favorite swag has to be the bag tag, good choice Ray!

Gee247 says:

Rory. Tag and towel all day long. Winner winner chick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Steve The Pirate says:

1. Rors – Bag Tag
2. Marky McFlys T-Shirt
3. Ball Markers

Stacy Zapshalla says:

I cast my ballot for Rory….. man has his priorities with keeping his ale cold.

rodger till says:

HAT for Marks daughter is best but Coach has the best combo

jimbofatplum says:

needed a towel on lockeys lap, every time he moved i expected his plums to pop out.

Sean Jones says:

Coach all day he is a boy!!

Joe Wiseman says:

I think I like the money clip and the t-shirt Mark.

Sean Mullins says:

Rory definitely went the practical route with towel. That wedge isn't gonna clean itself after each flubbed chip.

Greg Smith says:

I give my vote to Rory though…Everything to remind him of his trip while he is out playing. Golf Towel, Can coozies, hat, and bag tag. The flag is a great wall hanger! None of the extra the other 2 got that will just end up stashed away in a drawer at home. Well done Rory!

Greg Smith says:

Coach should get some longer shorts. I was worried about his little bits making an appearance. I had to keep the children away.

Dave Mitchell says:

Faded t-shirt by far

sub333 says:

Lockey, by a million miles, because he's bought what we'd all buy if we ever go to Augusta…

Jose Juan Boissier Domínguez says:

Just three think, ball marks, flag and the t-shirt

David Stocking says:

Rory wins! cos he buys a towel for every nice course he "PLAYS"!!! ?

Derren Roberts says:

Rory, Coach and then Mark, as emotionally trying to win is dreadful and you don't get can/bottle holders ?????️⛳️

Shippey 1970 says:

New towel to keep your balls clean

Richard Kuipers says:

Thats a lovely golfgrip coach

PkGam says:

My winner order:
#1: Mark, for the shirt and money clip. Plus you got the playing cards which initially made me lean towards Lockey at first because I love cards.
#2: Rory: The towel and bag tag are pretty nice looking accessories really.
#3: Matt: Like the grip and the cards, but Mark had them both with the Masters Grip a year earlier soooooo, lol!

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