The Masters Theme Song [HD]

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Khu NoPie says:

I can actually smell the Azaleas.


Hello Friends..

setokaiba991 says:

I love the Masters because it means the end of winter and the beginning of

Michael Gibson says:

There is nothing better than the Masters

ladiesman22 says:

I miss Pat Summerall and Ken Venturi calling the Masters!!

William McQueen says:

Truly the Sistine Chapel of golf courses..!

Chad Margulius says:

Brings a tear to my eye knowing it will be the first Masters of my life not
being able to watch it with my dad. It was our tradition, something he
dearly cherished and even went to it last year in his final year on earth.
RIP Dad. Thank you Augusta for providing us with a great platform to have a
great life long relationship.

geansai333 says:

twangy guitar music, and the ‘front page of the leaderboard’…Nicklaus,
Floyd, Norman, Faldo.. this is how I remember the masters as a boy. I’m
gonna go there someday. Please never change.

tiger wells says:

Living in Wisconsin this song means spring is here! Three months and we wil
see yet another great Masters! Can’t wait.

Kathleen Spangler says:

My favorite sport since I’m half scottish

96texan says:

The Masters, a tradition like no other

Foursum Golf says:

If you’re having trouble sleeping, close your eyes and listen to this. The
#Masters starts tomorrow.

The Masters Theme Song [HD]

TheBagBalm says:

I am heading to the 2015 US Open and the 2015 PGA Championship. I hope to
be in Augusta in 2016.

Jonathan Crawford says:

I had to throw this song on cause my friend made #AutoPick2014 my nhl
fantasy draft tonight. I needed to calm my stress

Marshall Lee says:

I really hope i’m the only one that came here because of Doctor who ._.

Steven Chappell says:

Actually, it’s kind of welcome after the loudness and passion of the NCAA
basketball tournament. Pretty images, soothing music and I’m not rooting
for anybody in particular. 

BittenMitten says:

First 7 seconds, every time I listen to that part all I can hear is Jim
Nance say “We’ll be right back with more coverage from…The Masters.”

Erick Francis says:

It isn’t officially spring until the masters starts

Dalip Zekiroski says:

12 people are blimey, open championship, chip eating, fag smoking twats

duklinbob says:

Rest in peace Eisenhower tree

greg markmann says:

Who are the 11 a-holes that gave this a thumbs down??

Matt Mucci says:

They should have a walking dead episode on the golf course and golf legends
as zombies

Kevin Rowlinson says:

My brother, sister and I took my Dad here for his 80th birthday. He had
traveled to 39 countries. The Pyramids, China, Europe, St. Andrews, etc.
When he got here and stood at the 18th green he looked out and said this
was the most beautiful place he has ever seen. 4th Masters I will be
watching without him. Bittersweet. Pretty sure he will be watching from
his seat at Amen Corner.

xuscbausp says:

best theme for a yearly sports event. a tradition unlike any other.

Glenn Nunamacher says:

I know my Dad will be there in amongst the Azalea’s and the pines. He loved
that place but never walked the grounds. I believe he will reside their
this week in spirit, to paint the beautiful landscape of Amen’s corner.

zach santangelo says:


Mark Maz says:

A tradition… unlike any other.

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