THE ONLY DRILL YOU NEED TO INCREASE CLUB HEAD SPEED! This works for absolutely everyone.

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How to increase your club head speed in golf and gain distance, but more importantly gain control on your club face. We see so many drills for this but it is so import to get through the golf ball, not enough tips talk about this!!

This will is likely to gain between 5-10 mph increase with simple swing speed drills and get you swing speed training in the correct way.

This easy club head drills will increase club head speed with driver and irons! PGA Professional Alex Elliott Golf talks through this simple golf tip which shows exactly what all golfers need to do to increase the club head speed ot create more power and more importantly hit the golf club consistently straight!

These simple club head speed drills will help, please let Alex Elliott know the results in the comments section. Did you try this simple golf tip at the range? Did this work out on the golf course? Did you increase club head speed? Did this increase club head speed with driver drill work for you? Please comment in the comments section.

PGA Professional Alex Elliott Golf talks through the only golf drill you will need to increase club head speed! This works for absolutely everyone.

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AlexElliottGolf says:

Hello everyone!! What content are you most enjoying at the minute? Be great to hear what you want to see on the channel. Coach Alex

Robert says:

Alex, I see that you purposely hang back a bit on impact with the driver which seems to be the same as the tour pro’s but is the same drill relevant for the irons which if I am correct, your weight at impact is past the ball? Please correct my confusion. Cheers

Evan Sine says:

Have to try it , need speed!

steven holmdahl says:

Got so tired of Mark Fakefield, and just stumbled on this…Very interresting idea. Def gonna try this drill before 2 h practice on the Trackman tomorrow!

Mark King says:

Loved it Alex πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

andrew thompson says:

Ul be doing indoor videos next week cats n dogs

Greg Norris says:

I am excited to see if this slap drill will help me get open consistently throughout the round. I find as the round goes on, I get lazy, do not open as much with my weight stuck more on my trail side and my consistency goes down resulting in higher scores. I am hoping this is the fix. #pickme

tho70mas says:

I would love to have a coach nearby that explained things as simple as you do!

RJ Burr says:

I love how concise your videos are. One main takeaway. Short and simple. Most of all effective. There's too many 10+ minute videos packed with filler. Excited to subscribe!

Diane Jankovic says:

You have helped my game out so much. From a 17 handicap to a 13.
I do all your tips and save them. You are so right NOT to take all the tips to the course.

Tony Thomas says:

Great drill Alex. I can try this out in my front room (without my driver!)

Stanley Barros says:

Great Drill! I’ve always had shoulder issues (too high) and this helps. This is where feel and real comes together. It is a must drill for me.

Tom Fowles says:

Punching……slapping…..I see where this is going….

C McVey says:

Great drill and easy to do without the complications of swing thoughts/mechanics! Thanks Alex πŸ‘

Grant Ramsay says:

U talk so much pish. Give it up mate. Ur drills are bollocks

Rob Dobbie says:

Anything that helps my speed is welcome, I will give it a crack today, thanks mate.

Tom Bettcher says:

Love any drill that can help eliminate debilitating mechanical thoughts!

Scott Procter says:

Alex can you do a vid on lead wrist at top of back struggling to get it flat it’s always cupped tia

Wayne Trinier says:

I really like this drill and I’m off to the back garden to give it a try… Hahaha.

Justin F says:

Awesome video I've never heard of this drill before definitely going to give this a try…. thanks for your great content

starnes87 says:

Alex goes right to his instructional topic to the point and easy to follow.

Brian WILLIAMSON says:

Great video Alex and tips

Mark Derby says:

Great drill Alex once again πŸ‘simply explained πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Beryl Wright says:

You really connect. Excellent

Langley Smith says:

Nice content

Eileen Elliott says:

Some short game

Ashley Elliott says:

Just love all your content

Andrew King says:

Shall give this a go, let you know 😁

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