They gave him a wooden driver and he still delivered 😳👏 | #Shorts

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They gave him a wooden driver and he still delivered 😳👏 | #Shorts

(via @_snappygilmore on IG)

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Alicat the Fangirl says:

Speaking from experience at working at a golf store, original wood wood drivers are probably better than nowadays lmao can't use them in PGA bc of certain regulations but in terms of hitting it far. Yeah those are the best 🤣🤣

DeaDsteAM46 says:

bro looks like juice wrld

louiezumi says:

i cant even hit close with 2 hands and bro hit it far with one.

Ashlyn Michaud says:

1 handed too

Supaidaman says:

You are literally a African-American Adam Sandler

Life says:

Why does dude remind me of juice wrld

ACE_ACE says:

The guy is better than me even with two hands and he is using one

Brenton Keen says:

How’s your short game

poop lagoon says:

My dad works at TaylorMade

Boonie Gambini says:

Dude is nothing special.

Red button comics says:

Happy Gilmore in irl confirmed

Eric Lett says:

Bro is literally swinging like Donley Kong 😂

Oko YT says:

You have a weird voice

you know everything says:

I have developed and swing that I can't tell anyone how I do it or what I do to do it it just came to me one day and I can crush every drive down fairway middle at 400-490 yds if I want my swing actually makes more momentum and the club head rolls in my hand and it's very hard to explain my gold coach doesn't know where I go it from but it works well for me

Faris .A ⓥ says:

“Its the thing from fortnite”-🤓

NakedMuslim says:

This is why I don’t golf, you hear these loses??? Joking and snickering over who can hit the small tiny ball the farthest without farting whilst in the process. Stupid sport

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