This Drill Will CHANGE The Way You See The GOLF SWING

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This drill will change the way you see the golf swing and in many cases unlocks movements that can take your game to the next level.

So many golfers are using the golf club incorrectly and wasting power, the drill in this video will change the way you see the golf swing and open your eyes to a more efficient way

Trying to accelerate the club head to the ball is something that plagues so many, the best golfers realise that you should be focusing on the other end first

You have to try this drill, it could be the eureka moment you have been looking for

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00:23 Impact Bag
02:20 The Golf Swing
03:05 Hand Speed
04:56 Split Grip Drill
06:33 Summary

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mabblers says:

That is a cleaver example. I'm going to have try that! Thanks.

Dale Mailhiot says:

Amazing video! I can now hear the "whoosh" at impact… where the speed needs to be 🙂

Angelo C says:

Wow, dude, it’s crazy how well you just explained the physics behind the golf swing. Bravo.

P C says:

Mr Ryan Sir, such a clear explanation of the golf swing – there are no more questions left! Except maybe for the one below, which I aked elsewhere, but didn't get a complete reply. Would you please let us have your thinking on it:-
"Angels & Demons". Firstly, you pro's were all born with the ability to stike each ball perfectly, and therefore cannot really understand the true reason why we amatuers just can't do the same, no matter what. We've been watching for the past 100+ years YouTube videos telling us about different ball positions for different clubs, but all of them are MISSING THE POINT! Question – how come you pro's can hit perfect shots (especially playing on the course) no matter where your ball position is, and we amatuers are always hitting our usual disasters no matter how carefully we have placed the ball at the perfect position? Answer – it is because the little angel in the pro's' head tells him that the ball position has moved, and so he just makes the necessary adjutments to his swing and hits a perfect strike, yet again. Vice versa, for us, different ball positions changes nothing, because the little demons in our heads also tell us that THE BALL POSITION HAS MOVED, and so we also make all the necessary swing compensations to duff/thin/shank our shots every time without fail. So, what can we do to change our little demons to angels? Endless practice just won't do it. Is the answer simply to tell our little demons to keep quiet so that we don't know that the ball position is different for each club? ie 'same' swing arc and low point for all ball positions? Or is it much more complicated than that? (Hope I've made myself clear.)

John Huntjens says:

OMG. I had a terrible golf course experience a few days ago and I was completely demoralized. Then I watched this video. Then today I went to the practice range and worked through every club using this approach. Unreal improvement. Switching to thinking about accelerating the grip at least made me much much better on the range. Hopefully it translates to the course 🙂 Thank you for your great videos.

Rob Potter Golf says:

It’s a good drill to help reduce casting as well. It’s the first drill I used with Rick back in 2013, with my watch on my right wrist. The idea was to feel the watch against my right hand for as long as possible with a split grip. Great video mate, loved it

Joseph Cicione says:

Will Do 🫡


"Just use your core!!!" – as my trainer keeps repeating!

313keiko1 says:

Excellent Chris as always

STAR 🌟 says:

Great video Chris, keep up the good work!
Totally unrelated to the video and a strange question I know, so apologies, but how do you rate your current golfing attire from Lyle & Scott compared with previous manufacturers you have worn?
I realise that you may be sponsored by them but I was just wondering, as I have no real experience of the brand but their range does look very good.

Jimmi McKenzie says:

Great explanation and drill Chris, thanks 👍

rajan rai says:

You are a very clever coach Chris, cheers.

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