Tiger Woods’ Final Round in Under Three Minutes

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Kees Tel says:

I have a man-crush on this guy. This video was way more exciting than that of the winner, can't even remember his name, Hattrick Speeth or something…

Don Carbon says:

He is back to ruin golf again

ASJE Aviation HQ says:

Welcome back Tiger.

Bay Moo says:

Hey Tiger! You're the only reason why I watch golf. Stay healthy; you're always winning in my eyes!

RenShiWu says:

Make this video three times longer. It'll be overly inflated – just like the coverage of Tiger's play at the Masters.

Władek F. says:

I wonder if there is a men on Earth which would say : "i wouldn't play with all those woman like Tiger"

K . Charles says:

He's almost there.

bertraminc says:

Where is Rory’s round in three minutes. He is a great golfer as well!

Rob Smith says:

anyone know where I could get that hat he was wearing?

BioGOD009 says:

Tiger’s my boy!!!?????? Welcome Back:)

Marie Taylor says:

Lets all take a deep breath, and allow Tiger to gradually build his golf game back to winning ways because he said himself that he has to learn how to do things differently with this fused back.

Alfred Pasly says:

Glad Tiger is back.He will get off the schnide and win soon.

Jae Park says:

MJ on the Wizards

jowest17 says:

That last round confirms that tiger is back! …. Gonna be a great year for golf!

Jim Stark says:

Woods tied for 32nd on one the most difficult courses in a field of the world's top 100 or so golfers after having only played in 4 or 5 tournaments the past 3 yrs. Not too many people can do that. Sure, the idea that he was some kinda "favorite" going into the match was unrealistic and maybe hopeful hype, but as Jack Nicklaus said, if he can stay healthy, his golf will undoubtedly return.

Stewie Griffin says:

Someone could shoot -30 and the real story would be Tiger making the cut. He is golf!

Billo1281 says:

Well done, Tiger. He needs to keep his head in the game and stay healthy. Here's hoping for another major win. And props to the winner!

No Name says:

George Schubert

Benjamin 12 says:

welcome back Mr.Wood

bongo fury says:

He is done. Why is he even allowed a o participate? He could have been something (just like Bubba Stewart) but allowed himself to be sidetracked. GET HIM OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!

Ibrahin Ibrahin2353 says:

nice tiger woods

S1RMichaelHunt says:

Can't wait to see Tiger get back in his prime. The competition has a lot to worry about.

Zulnoon V says:

All the way tiger

Elmo Blatch says:

This was a solid tournament in the money for Tiger. Who knows, eh?

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