Tiger Woods – masters shot on 16th hole 2005 in Augusta.

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Extreme Weapons says:

And that is the shot you make after making the deal with the devil…even the Nike swoosh was just perfect. You can't write that shit! LOL!!!

Rob Scheid says:

As a person who is not a fan of Tiger Woods (having personally met him, I think he's a jerk), I have to admit this may be one of my favorite sports clips ever.  Few other golf shots have produced that kind of suspense.

ill ironiks says:

( ) this is the ball of Tiger woods.

KillYourMasters says:

Looks like he is winning again to me. Why so angry?

Christian Hutchings says:

1:09 – green-reading supercomputer working.

Chuck Staffeld says:

It's one thing to see it and another to recreate it under pressure. You Sir, don't understand.

Sorrow worroS says:

That was magical

zathustra says:

This is the ball of Tiger Woods

Mike Liberty says:

to bad he turned into such a shit head loser, and don't mean loser in golf , but loser in life.

Cam B says:


IsaraiLee says:

I want to see world class physicist play golf

AceBoneOne says:

@vsbennett NO, not only Tiger!!! Davis Love III made this shot in 1998. Tiger even admitted he thought of the shot because he saw Love had done it.

AceBoneOne says:

Davis Love III invented this shot. Made it on the same hole in 1998. But I guess people only care about golf if Tiger perfroms … Sad.

Ashmin Varma says:

Most awkward highfive ever

ctbails says:

I remember exactly where I was when this happened 🙂

mranderson762 says:

i would hate to be the person to hit after that shot

luckenbachtx says:

Will never forget watching that shot live.

123Aodhan says:

gave me goosebumbs

xatzidakis says:

1:10 moment of a focused genius!

Mathias Hansen says:

Best appraoch ever

Yomamasapeach says:

I have never seen so much excitement in golf

ZeGamerGuys says:

that ball rolled like it placed a bet

Scott Holmberg says:

I could watch it a hundred times. Tiger is the King.

Dylan Walker says:

hahaha, nice one.

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