Tip 124 » Get More Distance » Arm Speed Drill

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To get max distance, you need to be strong and fast.
Speed + Strength = Power. You need both for distance in the golf swing. In this Tip of the Week, we will focus on Speed. We'll get on our knees to take away our leg strength and solely focus on generating more speed with our arms. This speed is essential to deliver the max clubhead speed needed for max distance. Grab a shaft and a yoga mat with plenty of open space for this awesome drill. So, let's get to it!

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Jeremy Gerhard says:

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Claude Tomassini says:

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0:49, that is the drill that need to be done for speed and contact. you need to groove your swing so that you hear the swwwooosh sound in your left ear, and past the ball lie. right ear if u a lefty

Patrick Holmes says:

Christina: This drill is awesome! I use it to warmup before practice and before my round, and I'm definitely hitting the ball farther because I'm gaining clubhead/ball speed. This is hands down the most effective drill I've found for golf!

George Sealy says:

Yep, you are fast. Thanks for posting.

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