To Change Fast … GO SLOW

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This is my take on how to make fundamental changes to your golf swing fast and make them last. It's based on deep practice and getting out of your comfort zone.

You can change your swing in one afternoon!!


SJ says:

Hi mate, just wondering if you could please share the link of when myswingevolution interviewed you? I remember seeing it five or so years ago but can’t seem to find it anymore. Thanks!

John Hue says:

This is a very very important message we are all creatures of habit and if the habits are deep changing them is not easy and if you are not mindful your body will find a way of falling back into them given the slightest opportunity. But the good news about this is if you do manage to change the new habits will be equally resilient to change so be very mindful that if you are going to change make sure what you are working on is right because that is going to be the inheritance of your work.
Ben Hogan did a lot of this deep practice with his slow motion swings

it was a key component to his development When you are making changes it feels very very awkward and there is no way you can make them at full speed so break it down do it slowly over and over to gradually get it in there.Right at the start and for quite a long time in the process you may well feel it is all pointless but as the pattern forms it gets easier but you must persist and when it is in there you look back and think what was all the fuss about?

ec says:

Amazing video abman I'm going to use this blueprint to change my swing. Maybe you can take a look at it

Bernard Hope says:

That’s “IT”…doing the opposite in extreme and the “IT” clicks

Justin Walters says:

Just think about shoulder plane!

FullTimeHypocrite says:

this really sums it up: "you dont care where the ball goes"
thats why kids learn quick, they do as theyre told not with the desire to nail the ball

Robert Harding Sr says:

for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction

is that a fact says:

How did you stop your hips moving forward near and at. Impact

Sergei Yershov says:

Hey, Abman! Thanks for the great video. I'm not a golfer, but your insight can help me a lot!! Could you also share the link to the blog post you were talking about? Thanks

George Smith says:

An interesting related article….
<…we know we can considerably speed up the process of creating a new neural pathway if we are constantly refreshing the correct movement. Ten minutes a day verses 1 hour a week will yield faster results. Note that I said “correct movement,” not “correct positions.” Without getting too deep into the rabbit hole of neuroscience, the Holonomic brain theory supports that people learn motor skills not by linking a progression of positions together like line-by-line computer code, but instead by storing the entire movement as a neural 3-D hologram. An example is children who learn to throw their first rock not by being taught a progression of, say, 1,000 positions, but instead by watching a friend or sibling simply perform the motion, storing that entire movement memory, and then recalling it when interested in performing it.>

Cookie Golf says:

Great Video. This really resonates with me as I stumbled upon this way of swinging the club during a practice session and I was hitting really solid shots. However I did not really know how I had achieved it and thus the ability to repeat the swing quickly disappeared. I have spent many months trying to recapture that swing feeling without success and gotten sidetracked into trying quick fixes. Your video has given renewed hope that if I put in the effort with deep practice I can get back to that elusive powerful ball striking that we are all striving for.

Kai Iwersen says:

hi lee, my compliment to your videos and to you improvment. i have two questions. first i see a very closed clubface in the backswing and downswing but you have a neutral position at adress, how does this works only by flexing the left wirst?
second what your clubheadspeed with your driver?
i hope we see more videos from you 🙂

Wayne Small says:

Fantastic stuff Lee – I can't tell you how much you have helped my 22+ handicap game over the last couple of weeks. Keep up the great work – your explanations are far better than the 12 lessons I took over the winter with the local pro.

Scott Clark says:

Great job–very inspiring–I'll follow exactly what you are doing. Been working on my swing daily for three yrs with no real change. Need to also read the Talent Code. Hopefully you will continue to improve to meet your personal goals and document them in You Tube!

Jeff Williams says:

Lee, a great video.  I found you thru MSE.  I've watched this video 8-10 times, and deep practice has helped me finally turn the corner on improving my swing.  I'm using my iPhone for video with the app "Ubersense for golf".

Jack Straw says:

Funny you mention Gabe-I joined MTI site last week. Could be headed to the best $147 golf investment I've ever made….

Jack Straw says:

Between yourself, Kelvin and Christo I'm getting better swing information than I've ever received from any lesson. Keep up the great work!

Jeremie Cohen says:

salut Lee ,

j'ai ce "problème " depuis le début , je "slide" énormément  au downswing …

un moment je me suis dit , il faut faire avec … mais effectivement je pense que cela m’empêche d'avancer… je me demande parfois si c'est ce phénomène qui me fait avoir si peut de régularité …

 j'ai commencé le golf il y a un an et et 7 mois  je n'ai jamais joué en dessous de 92 depuis mes debut.. meme sur des parcours du types lesigny ou bussy qui sont à mon sens pas trés compliqué.

j'espere te voir au tremblay pour que tu puisse me dire ce que tu en penses … en anglais j'ai parfois du mal a tout comprendre.


My Swing Evolution says:

Lee, this is fantastic.  On the hips, check out this video I did with Roger Dunn at the 1:45 mark when he talks about how to do it.  Cheers!!!

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