Tony Finau’s Celebration Gone Wrong!

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Video courtesy of CJZero

Voice over: Michael Robles

Music: Andrew Apple Pie

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Tony Finau will play on, despite a hole-in-one celebration gone horribly wrong.

Finau’s ace on the par-3 seventh during the Masters Tournament Par-3 Contest on Wednesday was a thing of beauty: flew the ball by the hole, pulled the string to back it up and watched it jam back some 30 feet straight into the cup.

So excited was Finau that he took off in a dead sprint, first forward, then backward, and that’s when it went wrong.

Finau’s left ankle buckled, he fell to the ground, and as he got up it appeared that he actually had to pop his ankle back into place.


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Stacie M says:

My right ankle does that – it's been happening every few months for the past two years (I damaged it severely in gymnastics 30 years ago). I usually pop it back in (I fall into my back and slap it back outward with my left hand) and I'm fine – it hurts for a bit, but I never even go to the doctor for it. But this last time it was so bad that I destroyed the tendon and have to have corrective surgery. The podiatrist has only seen it one other time in thirty years of practice. He wondered what it actually looks like when it happens, so I'm excited to show him this video when I go in for my surgery consult and to get out of the boot in a few weeks!

chokeananp chokeananp says:

Be calm be cool man!

WildWing 1955 says:

I would wonder if Tony has the Marfan syndrome, which is tall, lanky, and bad connective tissue everywhere. That ankle sure looked like it, and if it's the case, he should be getting a thorough checkup.

Cris LeRose says:

Self help video…. Doctor would charge $5,000 to put his ankle back into position.

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

Tony Nifau good fellow

juniperteacher says:

that reminds me when gordon hayward

golf putters review says:

He plays golf through great

Nathan Kennedy says:

momma said golf wasn't a dangerous sport?

Poly Savage 415 says:


didpuul :v says:

What the fuck!!

jh230377 says:

Tony Fin-OW!!

Jaime Robles says:

One man's misfortune is another youtuber's treasure.

Skrilla Forilla says:

Hole in one ankle

Tim E. Marnie says:

Heritable connective tissue disorder, i.e. Marfans or Ehlers Danlos for sure.

chip sounder says:

awesome hole in 1 but nasty dislocation!!  kudos for pooping it back in himself!

Andy K says:

Love the way he just casually pops it back in!

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