Top 10 Club Head Speed of PGA Tour

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n0rpp4 says:

How about just showing a slow motion of a swing and not this ADHD stuff? Jesus christ.

Matt Bonneville says:

That the average is only a few mph less than the highest just shows that these guys all killing it.

Chris Brimhall says:

Nicklaus first had his swing speed done when he was in his very early 50’s…118 mph! Curious what his swing speed was at 25??

Steven Jenkins says:

Love this music

Pontus NordstrΓΆm says:

Cameron champ: Avg: 130mph lmao

AidanCollierGolf says:

That guy at number one looks like he’s trying to swing as hard as he can

Herschel Mauldin says:

In 1965 Jack hit his drive on the 18th hole at Augusta National 366 yrds using the old persimmon wood driver with a steel shaft and the old golf balls.

Nate Skate says:

Total club head speed? Cmon

Sebastian Nachilly says:

One thing to note with bubba is that where many hit 3 woods he often hits a really chippy low cut with a driver

Ju's Outdoors says:

I love the fact that Sergio and Woodland get some recognition here. Sergio's clubhead speed is CRAZY; he just chooses to hit down and flight his driver shots, which is why they only carry around 285 (still a big hit). Woodland is just an absolute monster. I love the way he just picks it up, relaxes the arms, and fires his right shoulder through. He swings so damn casually and consistently gets 190 mph ball speeds. I believe that if Gary Woodland were to swing at his full power, he would be able to compete in long drive.

N R says:

Tiger was able to swing faster than Loupe on a regular basis. He did that with a steel shafted 975D. Another reason why he is the best of all time.

barry nicholas says:

Proves there's more to golf than club head speed.

Casey Webb says:

12:56 I think that is DJ.

Kevin Lu WX says:

You have to average the stats of several years to make an accurate list

Kevin Lu WX says:

Andrew Loupe swings it fast, too bad he isn't hitting it in the sweet spot

Travis Bryson says:

Sweet tunes

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