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Rick Shiels selects his favourite drivers so far of 2016!

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Ken Ray Wilemon says:

All this M2 love, can't understand, unless i had a lemon. Got one used to replace my Burner and couldn't tell any more than a few yards longer maybe, so I took it back for $. Thanks to Play it Again sports…love that place. Still looking for the best used driver for around 120 bucks OR LESS! any recommendations out there? Cobra fly-Z has my eye at $100.

Jimmy Culp says:

You are fill of it! Rick the cobra pro is by far the best driver I have hit. I have hit them all!

carolyn wilbur says:

You would think a pro would care nothing about appearance or sound but seems like those two things are very important to them

Dave McFarland says:

Funny… had the #1 and the #8 driver and still came back to my Titleist 910D2. 😅
Something about the way the ball compress’s off it… couldn’t rediscover that in the 913,15 or 17 models 🤔

Tanner Rodriguez says:

I get drivers always 3-4 years old lol so now it’s time

kinghenry666 says:

Anyone here in 2019 looking for bargains?
Some of these drivers are now 80% cheaper than their RRP at the time.

Baden Lucas says:

Rick, we know you’re sponsored by TM.

Die Hard Raider Fan says:

+Rick can you post the numbers for each club Trackman numbers Please!

Phillip Reeves says:

I guess I'm different, I LOVE the color of the Nike Vapor Pro

Miles Daily says:

call me crazy, but I did not like the XR 16 at all when I tested it out when buying a new driver. Did not feel natural, was a toss up between it and the King F6 and grabbed the F6. Just the feel and throat the thing has on contact is just way better imo, XR feels like a foreign sports car, no weight, nor muscle on the follow through.

Nick Stratton Golf says:

2017 anyone

MoparLuca says:

I still have the M2 in my bag it is amzming I like the epic but too much money I got the M2 2016 model for a steal this year brand new and I love it and it is the same as the M1 but more forgiving and just less adjustability but in less you're pro you really don't need all the adjustability & I see some pros even using the M2 over the M1 to this day which I thought was a Lil crazy but just shows how good the M2 is I love it!!

the kleg says:

I think Rick just said the flaws about the m1 to show the m2

Tiger168 says:

in your test, the M1 beat the G series, and yet, you rate the Ping higher? a bit bias??

gary mcdonald says:

August 2015 I was custom fit by ping for G30 ls tec 9degree turned up to 10 degree with a tour regular shaft. This took my spin down from 4000rpm with G20 9.5degree regular down to 2900rpm and 20 yards further. I tried M2 driver in American golf launch monitor when trading in G20 driver for an M2 3wood, in both stiff and regular spin was down to 2000rpm and I was getting same distance number as G30 and ball speed. My local professional is retiring and on last day of sale sold me M2 10.5 degree stiff for £200. I was going to use M2 as practice and spare driver as G30 brought handicap down from 17 to 14 last year and i have never been below 16 in 20 years as a club golfer. However after 3 winter 14 hole rounds the M2 is longer and just as forgiving as G30 I was custom fit for. I think after this video my mind is made up M2 will be used in competition this year and G30 will be spare rain driver as I put a corded compound grip on it.

Jared Gulaga says:

I'm kind of confused u rated the cobra king f6 plus in 8th place. But u hit the f6 plus and the ping the farthest. Why would u have the cobra so low on the board ?

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