TOP 10 SHOTS: Masters Tournament 2017

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The Top 10 Best Shots at the Masters Tournament 2017!

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paul mardon says:

How an earth did Sergio's 8 iron to 15 not make the Top 10?

paul mardon says:

What about Garcia's 8 iron into 15 in the final round for eagle to set up the win… shot of the week, leading, over water, pressure for his first major etc etc

bobcharlotte says:

A hole in one is amazing of course but I've never seen the swish that number 2 was. No green, all cup. Feel it should've been 1.

Kani Fuker says:

No.2 should have been No.1. That ball went straight in without a bounce or roll, you can't get anymore accurate with a Golf shot.

Dan Keller says:

Kuchar gave his, Masters signed hole-in-one ball away to a 10-year-old fan named Owen. One of my favorite moments in golf!!

Daniel Krogsgaard Sørensen 3C Skørping Skole says:

Damernes europatur

TheJimmy says:

Phil having the flag attended. Is there anything he won't do?

Alpha Music NCS says:

awesome job

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