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In our top 5 best golf clubs 2021 roundup we look at the best game improvement releases of the year. We'll break down which golf clubs are best for distance, accuracy, workability, stopping power and looks.

We'll crown our Best Golf Club of 2021 in each of those categories as well as an overall Best Game Improvement club.

0:00 Intro
0:48 Criteria We Used to Test
1:46 Subscribe
2:05 Best Golf Clubs for Distance
4:31 Best Golf Clubs for Feel
6:15 Best Looking Golf Clubs
9:39 Best Clubs for Workability
11:42 Most Accurate Golf Clubs
13:59 Best Clubs for Holding Greens
15:56 Overall Best Golf Clubs 2021

We test the SIM 2 vs PING G425. We look at the SIM 2 vs Radspeed. We'll find out who the winner is between the Callaway Apex vs TaylorMade Sim 2. We explore the Wilson D9 vs PING G425 and more!


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Matt Artiste says:

the trajectory of the taylor made Slim 2 is very bell-shaped and the spin is almost too important and you don't really know where you hit the ball no feeling

Ryrodrums says:

Got the Sim2's and I love them. Nice review

JukeBoxHero 's says:

I've been hitting my ping eye 2's since 1989😳 and been very happy with them. albeit I haven't hit anything else. I did find recently an old set of Taylor made TD's at a goodwill and I'm loving those as well😁. I'm a SS budget now, so golf club money isn't a priority😜. good review👍

Kellen says:

How do the JPX 921 Hot Metals compare?

Bob Anderson says:

I have a set of Mizuno clubs and Taylormade clubs. I love them both.

Viking XD says:

So the most consistent and accurate clubs came in 4th? I guess consistency and accuracy is not a top priority in your game?

Enough is Enough says:

Not even testing titleist with these others makes all your testing bogus

midnight4109 says:

Not to get personal but how do your MP20 HMB's compare to any of these clubs? I am a softtee and would go for graphite shafted. I also am not up to the work ability yet.

Donnie Butler says:

I didn't like any of them but I did hit the Sim2 max best. I didn't get to try the Wilson's wanted to but didn't get to.

martin perez says:

Excellent review.

erik morse says:

I've been thinking about Rouge X or Sim2. Thoughts?

Alfred Brown says:

Curious why didn’t you include the Mizuno Hot Metal iron?

Anonymous Coward says:

Can you possibly review the Ben Hogan Edge EX irons. They are their game improvement line and look absolutely beautiful and 5-PW start at about $700. They sell direct and they will send you a loaner club or two to try out but you can’t really check them out and compare to other brands at the same time.

Normand Bisson says:

Club heads matter a bit but shafts matters more : stiftness + torque and kickpoint changes everything |

Don Armstrong says:

Apex or the apex dcb is my question

Clay Evins says:

Any of these irons is going to improve my 12 handicap game with my fathers(was a pro in late 60s to early 80s) old custom made blades. 1971 Palmer Originals😲

Kevin Murphy says:

Callaway Apex is not a game improvement iron its a players distance maybe the apex DCBs , the club face is half the size of the other ones !!! Not even close

Mugz_14 says:

Ping g425 are the best looking clubs I have ever seen also the lovely finish it has for a dry or wet day. Think I am going to buy the pings 🏌‍♂️

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