21 thoughts on “TOP 5 Drivers 2024 for Mid Handicap Golfers!!

  1. One thing to note is that the ping is initially more expensive but it will have the best resale value of all the clubs particularly the cobra which really loses value on the S/H market

  2. Tried the Mizuno 230 Max. It seems to be lacking in ball speed compared to the Dark Speed and the Pig G430 Max 10K. From testing and fitting, I went with the Ping.

  3. I have the ping and hoping to average 240. Padraig has said you need to train harder in your fifties (57 in April) Starting visiting gym and hoping I can gain a few yards. Haven't even a video from Chris or James on exercises

  4. I have just got my new Ping driver and absolutely love it tried all these in the video hard to narrow it down but it was the sound I loved with the Ping driver, when you get a centred strike my god it goes

  5. I bought the Cobra DS Max. I did not get any performance with the stock shaft.
    I changed to te Fujikura Ventus red TR ! And now it is without doubt the best driver I have ever owned.

  6. Hi…I am from Indonesia. Very interesting test. Dave represents average golfer so this is a very fair comparison. Can't wait to put my hand on Mizuno ST Max. With reasonable prize, the result is not far behind from other big boys

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