MID HANDICAP- TOP 5 DRIVERS!! (Part 1) – in this video we show you a MID HANDICAPS TOP 5 drivers. Rating the look, the sound & the performance with the HELP OF TRACKMAN!! Are you looking for a NEW DRIVER! Make sure you take all of this in to account!!! Selecting the correct driver will help you lower your scores and reduce your handicap! This will help you break 70, break 80 or break 90!!!

18 thoughts on “TOP 5 DRIVERS for MID HANDICAP GOLFERS!! (Part 1)

  1. I love the channel but hate the pudge on hole . I’m a 18 hcp . Play 1 a week but swim driver at 112 . So no way would these drivers work . My loss is multi direction not strike location . Clubs should be set for how well you strike club not handicap

  2. My 2016 M2 is still in my bag since April 2021. Now with a Small Batch Evenflow Riptide CB 6.0 Don’t plan on changing anytime soon. Was custom fit for that shaft and averaged 1.49 smash factor! I’ll keep it another year or 2.

  3. First driver i ever bought on my own was a Ben Hogan ws-3. Yall think the old calloway fti or nike sasquatch square drivers sounded horrible…? Thing thing sounds like you just thrown an old aluminum trash can down the steps that Father Marin tossed himself down in the horror classic The Exorcist… But its got an Aldila NV stiff 3 wood shaft in it and its so good even to this day compared to my PXG 0211. I pull it out often when i know im going to be playing with a crowd just to see the looks on their faces when they hear the sound of this monstronsity compared to how it preformes after all these years.

  4. I recently bought the PXG 0211 and I’m finding the middle of the face more with a 44” shaft. Balls are flying farther from my smooth swing then with my fast swing off the toe or heel. I love mine, I hope he loves his. Great video and idea Chris.

  5. Good Video today. Still Rocking Callaway Mavrik Driver.. Finally got it setup for my swing.. to me only thing that matter is how does it perform.. Could careless about Sound or looks. What ever gets me distances and forgiveness.

  6. Have clubs really moved on since the m1 though ? Weight center and back I don’t really see how they can massively improve much more. Tried the Ltd x driver , I use the 2016 m1 .I’ve tried the speedzone and the ping g425 but I just didn’t see the extra benefit and I’m not fantastic with a driver my bad shots a high cut fade that drops short but this still happened with them all ????

  7. I'll be interested to see what Dave thinks of the PXG. I have a Cobra SZ Xtreme which is OK, but I find I'm getting a lot of off centre strikes. When I saw the PXG at £129 they only had 9 deg left in left handed. However, when I looked at their adjustment chart, I saw that adjusting to 10.5 deg also alters the lie to around 2.5 deg flat. My iron fitting suggested 2 deg flat, so I figured the pxg would be good for me. And it is. Many more centre strikes, and very accurate. The sound is quite dull, so Dave may not like it, but I prefer this to a loud sounding drive. Biggest bargain I've ever had!

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