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This is a simple and easy drill that will help you get strike the golf ball so much better and gain power in the legs. This drill makes the golf swing so much easier. Legs are the source of power in the golf swing. Don't let leg action scare you, this drill is for evert single golfer and will help you massively to score better in golf.


This is a simple golf instruction video that will make a great golf swing. You will gain power in your golf swing, get weight shift, use the legs easily, rotate through correctly, strike solid golf shots, gain consistency… you name it.

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AlexElliottGolf says:

Power upgrade for everyone in this video πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ”₯ let me know how you get on with this

DASH1ful says:

i totally agree that the left leg shouldn't fold and that the knees should stay apart; but, when you look closely, you can just see that you externally rotate your left knee at address; which is something that a lot of good players do to control the movement of their left knee. it, also, helps to create coil. also, in the downswing you can just see that you press down with your feet when you start down.

BJ Brau says:

Great video, Alex. Used it yesterday and out deove my playing partners 14 of 18

Wayne Christy says:

Brilliant mate thanks you. Can you follow up with a lesson on shaping shots with your hybrid. How to get a good fade or a great draw. Thanks really enjoy your vids

Ian Forsyth says:

Hi Alex,
Does this also work for irons ?

Steve Robson says:

Fantastic tip Alex. Normally, there are so many things to think about. This one episode combines everything and it makes it easier to build muscle memory. Many thanks Alex.

Donna Robertson says:

Always fun and great teaching by more positive imagery than all the bad stuff. Brain takes away the positive teaching points. Too many Pros load up with confusing bad stuff which is totally counter productive. I used to teach sport that's the way to achieve success.Eliminate the negative. Well done Alex and always fun

Darren Beechall says:

Hi Alex I keep getting all confused soon as my arms ge to my shoulder height as if I'm forgetting how to bend my right srm for the downswing and ending up with scuffs on top of my driver head ???

Martyn 1994 says:

Hi Alex, as you know I got a one lenght hybrid (on your recommendation) after a slow start I love it, it really is so much easier to hit, I have already improved so much from the middle of the fairway and sometimes I now hit the green in regulation. Thank You so much for the tip

georgia may says:

Callaway Epic Max Evenflow riptide 50 gram shaft 8 degree .. carries about 240 on a good drive. Can't wait to begin this as an add-on to my practice and stretch routine.

Larry Young says:

Alex, I have limited mobility in my left knee, due to a shredded miniscus. Therefore I have a narrow stance with, probably two clubheads between front and back foot. I attempt to make the biggest turn in my backswing and rotate my hips thru in the downswing. Is there anything I can do to increase my clubhead speed? Any drills are appreciated.

Jbeezy says:

this hip move was huge for me

Tom James says:

went golfing today with my cronies .I had trouble with my driver for 2holes, I took a shorter backswing on the next holes and i was hitting the ball about 200 yards .I think my downswing was too fast .This course is the worst of the courses we play .There was tight lies on all shots .The happy thing that happened I was 10 feet off the green in the rough i decided to putt the ball Eagle from off the green about 50 Feet

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