Unleash Your Golf Swing Speed & Power With This Release Technique

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Walt Reyer says:

Chuck, I'm in FL Feb. and March. Are you giving lessons?


SearchBucket2 says:

An engineer and analyst, I've had more moments of enlightenment watching this series than decades of golf literature and videos, so much so I'm struggling to watch anything else now.
I've changed my technique to adhere to these "new" principles and the results have been quite staggering. I could usually hit well but tensions crept in that made precise timing an ongoing challenge. These tensions are now gone. No more defending against their negative impact, no more concerns about consistency.
In my opinion this methodology is by far the most "correct" and best taught.
Well done Chuck Quinton. I now feel even Hogan would have benefited from Chuck's input.

SearchBucket2 says:

Actually, Einstein "outsmarted" Newton! ?

Jesse Cooper says:

you explain things better than clay!

Paul Dance says:

Great lesson, Chuck. I really like the position of your students right heel impact position. If you can get this young man to to blaze his soft arms past the ball in that throwing motion you teach while maintaining this same heel position, then wow you’ll have something unique.

Shaun Webb Golf says:

Nice video here.

Chris Wallace says:

Thanks Chuck. As a lefty with this same problem of path, this is a great video.

Jon says:

Good video including things I want to work on but how do you do it (come in shallow and create room)? Drills?

Stephen Schulz says:

Awesome detail, Chuck.

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