Viktor Hovland's golf swing in Slow Motion

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Take a look at Viktor Hovland's golf swing in slow motion.


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Robert Johansson says:

Horrible mechanic.

richy clubsport says:

Future world top ten, minimum

JT Akbar says:

Definately his swing. Nothing you'd wanna copy.

Patrizio Daveri says:

Not one comment about his typical flexion-to-extension release pattern, lazy tv commentators

Terence Chan says:

Goes to show that tv commentators know very little about the golf swing. Victor for one isn't a long hitter by PGA tour standards. The width of his stance is not that wide, it's just his shoulder's width. And they keep repeating about that big turn nonsense.

Ching Per says:

I'm still waiting for the double penetration

Radd Peters says:

More like Rory?

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